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Project Works Final takes place at the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

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15.11.2013 23:15

Project Works Final takes place at the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

On November 15 the Moscow campus of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration staged the project works finals of the participants of the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus. The Campus is organized by the RANEPA and ACIG Group of Companies under the auspices of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow, Moscow Government and the State Budgetary Institution "Small Business of Moscow".

Among the judges were the Head of the Department of External Communications of Uralsib Bank Igor Sobolev, manager of the Center for Business Competence Development of the ROSATOM Corporate Academy Karina Tekueva, Advisor to the Director of the "Our Future" Foundation Rufina Zinatulina, the Head of Department of Social Projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Igor Yakovlev, Vice Rector of the RANEPA Ivan Fedotov, Member of the Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Alexander Plakida, Member of the Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Yuri Fedyukin, General Director of Alliance Media Strategy Vladimir Dergousov and ACIG HR Director Olga Vodyanova.  

"Social entrepreneurship is not only a business plan and a thoroughly developed business model, but also measures taken to solve the existing problems," the Dean of the Department of Social Youth Entrepreneurship Sergei Golubev noted in his speech.

The team "Job Fair" was the first to present its project on recruiting vulnerable social groups – migrants, pensioners, former convicts – via a specialized HR agency. The students based their work on the results of their practical activities within the framework of the Autumn Campus in Krasnogorsk. Experts asked the questions about the employer’s risks and benefits, as well as qualification niches.

The participants of the project Family Fest presented the program of the seasonal sports family festival, oriented on organizing the leisure activities for young people and engaging them in a healthy lifestyle. According to the developers of the project, the social survey of Krasnogorsk residents showed willingness of the population to pay for such services. Ivan Fedotov advised the participants to work out the business model of the project more accurately.

Then the jury was presented the project addressing the issue of vandalism and adolescent employment stART up! contributing to introducing the graffiti movement as means for organization of urban space. Alexander Plakida noted that the participants should focus on a particular segment of the market. Rufina Zinatulina also outlined the low social focus of the project within the framework of the idea’s commercialization.

Initiators of the project Ohana Fest developed a program for creating special playgrounds and recreational programs that contribute to the socialization of children with special needs. "If you implement this idea as a social project with partners and sponsors, it is quite realistic," said Ivan Fedotov.

In his address to the students, the Dean of the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Aleksei Shipov said that in the course of five days of the project, the participants have professionally grown. "I would have chosen 10 projects for the finals, and after a little refinement and the rest of the projects. You guys are really talented, thank you!", said the expert.

The project was also presented by the team Intellect System, its participants talked about creating a comfortable space - the "smart home" by introducing smart systems to control all electronic devices at home with the help of a smart phone or a tablet.

Developers of the project SOS Jewelry presented an innovative idea for enhancing personal safety by placing a special sensory device in jewelry. The price of such device will amount to about 10,000 rubles. Yuri Fedyukin asked the participants how the rapid response will be organized. The developers replied that the signal will be sent directly to the police. Igor Yakovlev told about the experience of implementing a similar project and the problems of ensuring a quick response even by your own security service.

The participants of the team Effellectual-building submitted another project of a comfortable "smart home" in which the emphasis is made on energy efficiency and solving household tasks. The developers have proposed using the battery for the accumulation of cheap "night" power, LED lamps, as well as some basic equipment packages in three price categories. "Calculate the energy service component, because it will be the first thing the customer asks you about," said Yuri Fedyukin.

The experts presented the project "Financial Fitness", a set of special game-modified programs improving financial literacy of consumers and teaching the correct income management. "Personal finance is something fairly closed, and private banks are your direct competitors," said Rufina Zinatulina.

The Projects’ Fair was completed by the participants of the team Chocolate Factory – 3D, which presented the idea to modify the standard 3D printer to make it print chocolate, as it will allow reducing the price of fancy chocolate products. Alexander Plakida drew the attention of the developers to the aspects of the equipment’s certification, increasing the project’s payback period. "As long as you are at the idea stage, the main thing about the project is technology. Work further, I wish you success!" remarked Rufina Zinatulina.

After the Projects’ Fair, a solemn award ceremony took place. Following the results of the evening events, the fourth team of the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship became the best – the team’s members received a big cake with the Autumn Campus logotype. In the nomination "The Best Project", the project Ohana Fest was conferred the first place, stART up! – the second, and Chocolate Factory – the third. Participants of these teams were given tablets as a prize.

"The feeling of your own victory is incredible. Such projects, as Summer and Autumn Campuses must exist within the education program in high schools and help young entrepreneurs to implement their ideas.

For me, social topic will always be a priority. When I started working on the project Ohana Fest, it was hard, they wanted to withdraw the project, but my will power did not let me to give up I achieved my goal - I have won! As part of the project, I plan to hold festivals in all Russian cities; list of the partners is already prepared and quite extensive. The society is now facing a lot of problems, and it is up to us to find a solution to them. Thanks to the moderators of the Department, members of each campus has changed, stopped being an observer and became an innovator," said Maryam Marhieva, representative of the project Ohana Fest.

According to the members of the team, who took second place, they are not going to rest on their laurels and will continue to work at the project in real life.

"Perhaps, it will be my job. At the presentation, we were not looking for an investor, we do not need him, our task is to show how the culture Urbana can be profitable and ennoble the world around us. I would like to thank the Autumn Campus moderators, particularly Tatyana Dubovskaya, who explained our team that the project must become a basis for the business, where you can really make money," said Artem Boichuk, organizer of the project stArt up!

"I would like to thank the moderators of the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship, especially its Dean Aleksei Shipov. We will promote the project on the chocolate printer production and try to implement it," said Evgeny Shapovalenko, Chocolate Factory - 3D team member.

The Presidential Academy Campus is a territory for comprehensive development of future leaders and promoting formation of strategic thinking skills, planning and teamwork, enhancing physical and mental performance, as well as contributing to successful self-fulfillment of the participants both within the specialization and in related industries.

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