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Social relations

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14.11.2013 17:38

Social relations

Day 4 of the Autumn Campus started for the students of the Department of Youth Social Entrepreneurship with the lecture of the Department’s Dean Sergey Golubev on the topic "Raising funds for project launch: specifics of the work with stakeholders, partners and donors".

Organization of project work should envisage preparing presentation program including effective presentation of your own ideas and developments in front of the potential investors. According to Sergey Golubev, clear definition of the position of the party funding the work contributes to leading a rational dialogue between the entrepreneur and the investor. The work mechanism of the social entrepreneur must adhere to the policy aimed at the final result of all of the resources used. The expert believes that adhering to the development of "Blue Ocean Strategy", the social entrepreneur will be able to form the vector of his own company’s development correctly. Determining the type of a person, which has the necessary resources to implement the desired ideas, during the dialogue, is the key issue for the aspirin entrepreneur. The stakeholder will always be interested in achieving a good result of the project, the partner should be involved in the process of its creation, and the donor is an investor, interested, first of all, in aspiring entrepreneurs.

"It is very important from the strategic point of view when conducting negotiations, because they view the projects differently. Social entrepreneur is trying to achieve one goal – to solve the community’s problem. The participants must learn to hold the interest of the partner in conversation at the subject of the talk. There are a lot of resources, but it is important to organize them, and it is our task to teach the participants to use them. Social entrepreneur gives others a chance to change the world," remarked Sergey Golubev.

After the lecture, three of the best project teams presented their work to Dmitry Kaisin, Director of the Krasnogorsk branch of the RANEPA. In turn, the expert shared with the participants of the Autumn Campus his ideas regarding the developed projects and suggested possible ways for their implementation. He noted that all possible ways to implement the projects have already been invented, but we must learn how to use them properly. The key task of the presentation is directly connected with the topic of the lecture - the participants were to interest Dmitry Kaisin in their business models of social entrepreneurship within the framework of the Campus training platform. "If you want to create a project of high quality, you need to believe in it," - said Dmitry Kaisin, commenting on the works of the presentation’s participants.

At the master class "Project management in implementation of a socio-entrepreneurial project", the Department student had an opportunity to learn from the valuable experience of well-known organizations, which implement their projects in the field of social entrepreneurship. Representatives of The Hub Odessa used video bridge to share their knowledge in marketing, organization and co-working systems outsourcing in the implementation of their own business with the students. "Do not invent abstract and intractable projects, start small – it is a valuable advice for the participants. When you feel your strength at the market, you will be able to move further," said the expert of The Hub Odessa Victoria Yablonsky.

"In the sphere of social entrepreneurship, general framework is not always fitting for the projects’ implementation. First and foremost, the business model is to be functional and self-financing, and the project, sold by the participants within the framework of the project, should be oriented on solving social problems," said Ekaterina Barzhitskaya, representative of the Centre for the Social Sphere Innovations of the city of Moscow.

After the training, the Campus participants continued preparing their works for the defence in the finals, which will take place in Moscow campus building of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

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