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Results of Day 4 of the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

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14.11.2013 19:14

Results of Day 4 of the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

Day 4 of the Autumn Campus started for the students of the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship with the seminar conducted by the Project Manager of the Department of HR Consulting of the ACIG Group of Companies Anna Makarova. The expert told the students about the practical aspects of the project implementation, finance management, planning and execution. Anna Makarova outlined the specifics of calculation of cash flow, discounting, period of return on capital and presented the metrics for the assessment of a project’s investment attractiveness: net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR). "The cost of the asset must be positive. It is the main condition for the adoption of solutions by the potential investors," said Anna Makarova. She also commented on the high level of knowledge and creativity of the participants.

The Board member of ACIG Group of Companies Yuri Fedyukin dedicated his lecture to the issues of forming the company’s tax policy and optimization of taxation. "Based on the Russian day-to-day realities, the key goal of tax policy is not to try not to save on tax and financial resources but to secure major resources of the company,"said the expert. He also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of founding subsidiaries or affiliate companies when expanding the company’s structure in the context of the tax policy formation. Thus, when the company establishes an affiliate company, it has lower tax burden, but when opening a new business in special economic zones, one should create a subsidiary to take advantage of the benefits granted. In addition, the expert gave examples from the experience of Russian and international companies, particularly in the automotive and energy sectors. "Correct tax planning will allow you to credit your business noticeably less," said Yuri Fedyukin.

Leonid Morozyuk, Head of the Leadership Projects Department at the R&D Capital Business Incubator, gave a lecture on the topic "Attracting investments to start-up". The expert presented the main sources of fundraising: internal resources, bank loans, grants, subsidies, business angels and venture capital funds. Leonid Morozyuk also told with what investors one should cooperate at every stage of business development. "If you are sure that in the next six months your product will start to make profit, covering the investments, you can use the bank loans. What good is a bank loan for a start-up? Upon the redemption of a loan you owe nothing to anybody and moving on to the next level, you own 100 % of your business," said the expert. According to the speaker, in Russia you can also get a grant by contacting the Skolkovo and Microsoft BizSpark. In addition, having prepared successful project presentation, young entrepreneurs can expect to financing by business angels and venture capital funds. Venture capital funds provide risk capital and require a high yield: from 20 to 30% per year and prefer medium-term investments to long-term ones," said Leonid Morozyuk. During the workshop, the expert also spoke talked to the students, discussed their business ideas and gave recommendations for a brief and effective presentation of the project.

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