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Brainstorm at the Social Department

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13.11.2013 19:50

Brainstorm at the Social Department

The third day of the educational program at the Department of Youth Social Entrepreneurship started with the joint lecture of Tatyana Dubovskaya, business coach in the sphere of entrepreneurship, and Vladimir Smirnov, Vice Rector for Pedagogic and Social Work of the Kostroma State Agricultural Academy Vladimir Smirnov.

At the meeting, the experts evaluated the participants’ projects and gave recommendations in the sphere of organization and construction of business models. Sergey Golubev, Dean of the Department of Youth Social Entrepreneurship, remarked that the system of business prioritization is to become the main vector of project implementation.

In her speech, Tatyana Dubovskaya stressed that when a new player enters a certain market of goods and services, the company work should be carried out with due account for quantity and quality of players in the relevant entrepreneurial niche, including the prospects of growth within the framework of the sector and financial infrastructure. For the first-time entrepreneur, looking for effective solutions connected with certain deficits or faults during implementation of the intended development strategy of a new company is to become an important work sphere. According to the expert, the business should be oriented on the demands and needs of the client, and the client’s main task is to find a unique idea which will provide him a competitive advantage.

"The goal of the lecture is correct use of theoretical information provided by the experts for the projects development in the field of social entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal of the lecturer is creating optimal learning environment in which the participants will be able to see all possibilities for the social business realization, and match them correctly with the relevant types of entrepreneurship. We appreciate not the number of the notebooks filled with participants’ writing, but with what ideas and plans they will return to Moscow," said Vladimir Smirnov.

Organizing a business model involves three key stages: analysis of the situation, uniqueness of the nominated product or service and testing of the project. "Entrepreneur is a person who takes risks but counts on the entire budget.

Analyzing the profitability of the project, it is important to consider the balance between the costs to test the program and the income. As business coaches, we offer alternatives of doing business in Russia. Social entrepreneur is not embedded in the enterprise structure hierarchy and conducts his professional work from the outside. The uniqueness of the Autumn Campus is that the participants see how the idea of the proposed project can be successfully implemented in the future,"- said Tatyana Dubovskaya.

The 9-segment system, which covers all stages of forming an up-to-date unique business model using all possible types of resources: material, financial, human and intellectual ones, is an important link between the idea and the business plan.

In the afternoon, the students submitted the models of their business projects to the experts’ approval. After listening to the recommendations of experts, the project team participants launched further development of the ideas.

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