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End of day 3 at the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship

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13.11.2013 19:58

End of day 3 at the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship

Educational program of the third day of the Presidential Academy Autumn Campus was aimed at developing skills important for project implementation and proper organization of the company’s structure.

Entrepreneur and consultant Aleksandr Goncharenko told the students of the Youth Entrepreneurship Department about operational marketing, sales mechanisms and client-oriented technologies. The expert noted the key stages of projecting marketing activities within target segments, events and sales planning and establishing a balanced system of indicators. Thus, according to the speaker, strategy can be transferred into action with the use of decomposition and cascading methods. Besides, Aleksandr Goncharenko told the students about the 4P concept (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) and a number of additional methods. According to the expert, one of effective business development instruments is the so-called "purchase funnel". "This method allows to see where the company has the poorest performance and how to improve it," Mr. Goncharenko commented.

Besides, the students attended the seminar held by the Dean of the Youth Entrepreneurship Department of the Autumn Campus, Member of the Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Aleksei Shipov and Head of the Corporate Psychology Department of the ACIG Group of Companies Inga Belyaeva where the experts told about corporate culture and management as required conditions for establishing effective business. "The input of cultural values makes up 80% of the company’s total success," Mr. Shipov noted. The expert presented a number of models of successful reorganization of administrative policy which would establish a certain position in the market and move business to the new level and supplied these models with the examples of General Motors and Apple, as well as a number of Russian companies.

As the seminar went by, Inga Belyaeva specified the role of research in business processes within the framework of projecting changes. According to the speaker, modernization of a company can’t be successful without transformation of the employees’ psychology: their values, principles, attitude to themselves and their professional activities. Experts of the ACIG Group of Companies presented the main types of company management and told about their roles in the company’s activities. The seminar finished with a business game where the participants modeled the interview process and determined typical features of a candidate in the context of coordination functions.

Inga Belyaeva also held a workshop "Communications, Networking and Hancock in Sales", where she told about the key skills a successful sales manager should possess and the ways of establishing useful business contacts. "I admire the Campus participants. Yesterday we held a brainstorming and they showed such openness, initiative, will and readiness to work both on their own and in a team. Today they have revealed not only leader’s qualities, but also creative skills. I’m glad that we have such all-round younger generation," the expert noted following the workshop.

The seminar by the Deputy Director of the Department of HR Consulting Tatyana Pavilova addressed the issues of establishing management strategy when launching a project. "A start-up is a team. There are a lot of ideas, however, the most important thing to implement a project is to be movers and shakers," the expert noted. She told the students about the stages of a start-up, as well as about the stages of developing of a team, planning the need of staff, selecting employees and adjusting their motivation.

The Head of the Beta-Versions Department of R&D Capital Ilya Volynkin discussed the instruments for creating a business model with the Autumn Campus students. The expert told the story of his success and presented practical recommendations on how to implement their projects.

*The Autumn Campus is organized by the RANEPA and the ACIG Group of Companies under the auspices of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow, Moscow Government and the State Budgetary Institution "Small Business of Moscow".

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