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The educational program of the Autumn Campus launches

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11.11.2013 23:59

The educational program of the Autumn Campus launches

On November 11, 2013, the first workshops took place within the framework of the educational program of the Department of Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy. The team of trainers of ACIG Group of Companies held for the participants a number of classes dedicated to the rules of their projects’ public presentation and effective team work. Autumn Campus is organized with the support of the Moscow Government.

Within the framework of the training "Team work", the students split into groups and fulfilled the coach’s tasks aimed at forming effective cooperation skills for achieving common goals. "Vivid emotions are remembered best, that is why we offered the students a game training model. The setting is the deserted island. The participants will have a lot of tasks to fulfill. Therefore, they will test themselves, look at their roles and learn the key skills of team players," noted the business coach Konstantin Baransky. At the workshop, the participants learnt the effective decision making methods, in particular exact definition of criteria and their comparative analysis, unification of final assessments and choice of the optimal variant. 

At the training dedicated to the effective presentation, the participants were given practical recommendations for forming presentation material and structuring the contents of the speech. According to the expert Viktoria Zavadski, the key rules of effective dialogue include making records, using the existing experience, willingness to acquire new knowledge and respect for the speaker, demonstration of initiative in learning. She also suggested always following the paradigm "curiosity - the path to mastery". After the introductory theoretical part, the participants performed tasks designed to contribute to formation of their identity. The students also discussed the objects and methods, which can be used to cover all channels of perception: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and digital ones. "These trainings give additional directions to the students: it is difficult to give a complete volume of knowledge in the course of two hours, but it is of course possible to share experiences, be inspired by the example of others," commented the expert.

The participants will be able to use their newly acquired skills for development of their own projects and their consequent effective presentation.

Within the framework of the Department of Youth Social Entrepreneurship, Sergei Golubev told the students about the basics of doing social business in Russia as exemplified by the Moscow market infrastructure. The expert examined a number of issues in the sphere of social entrepreneurship organization, spoke on the international tendencies and presented specific practices to support social business in Russia, including cooperation with development institutions and private partnership mechanisms. Sergei Golubev said that the priority aspect of the work within the framework of the Department is to discuss and organize the issues that arise during the development of projects related to the social sector, the modernization of which is now one of the most pressing challenges the country faces.

Social entrepreneur is a person who can change the world. He must understand what he wants when he creates his project. When social entrepreneur communicates with people, he should have excellent communication skills that will help him to implement his own ideas. Support from the local community is important for the business stability," stressed Sergei Golubev.

Within the framework of educational events, the overview lecture took place, during which the students were told about the upcoming events, methods for organization of project work and activity assessment system in the learning process.

The first day of the Autumn Campus was completed with an evening program, where the participants had an opportunity to reveal their creative abilities.

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