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Opening ceremony of the First Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

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11.11.2013 23:56

Opening ceremony of the First Presidential Academy Autumn Campus

On November 11, the opening ceremony of the first "Presidential Academy Autumn Campus: Development of Entrepreneurial Skills" took place at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The event takes place under the auspices of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow, Moscow Government and the State Budgetary Institution "Small Business of Moscow".

Vice-Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Ivan Fedotov, Director of the RANEPA’s Krasnogorsk Branch Dmitry Kaisin, Member of the Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Alexey Shipov and assistant professor of the Department of Humanities of the RANEPA’s School of Public Policy Sergei Golubev addressed the participants with the welcoming speeches.

Opening the Autumn Campus Ivan Fedotov told about the educational platform "Presidential Academy Campus" – a unique format for educating students with the use of various methods. "Following the results of the Campus you will obtain certain knowledge, first of all in teambuilding. You need to use this chance to the full to get special knowledge, expertise, reveal your leader’s qualities and strengthen business and personal contacts while solving common project tasks," he addressed the students. Ivan Fedotov also wished the students success and opportunities in revealing their entrepreneurial potential. 

"You will face with unpredictable tasks. You will have to take your own decisions what you want to take from yourself, your colleagues and experts following the five days of the Campus. You are the people who can build your own life path by yourselves. It is important for you to finalize the goal of your being here at the Campus in the next few days," Director of the RANEPA’s Krasnogorsk Branch Dmitry Kaisin underlined. The Autumn Campus is aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills of young people. According to the expert, today business approach is very important in addressing public and social tasks. "The entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to change the environment is an essential competence in the modern world almost for everybody," Dmitry Kaisin added.

The structure of the training program consists of the two parallel blocks dedicated to innovative and social entrepreneurship correspondingly. Within the framework of the opening ceremony the participants met with the deans of all educational tracks. The experts told the future entrepreneurs about the Campus educational program and the tasks for the next five days of seminars and trainings. Thus, professional business coaches who have implemented over one hundred successful projects in the field of business development, startups and improvement of the company’s performance will tell the students of the Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship Department about the stages of developing a business idea, marketing technologies, methods for arranging corporate communications and client relationship. "Methodologists, experts and lecturers who will guide you throughout the Campus will set particular frames where you can insert unique ideas," Alexey Shipov noted. The work at the Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship Department will be characterized with practical job with the Krasnogorsk citizens – a good chance to test youth projects. Workshops and lectures for the participants will be held by the leading domestic and foreign social sector experts. Sergei Golubev noted education and health care were among the high-return businesses connected with innovative decisions. "At the stage of cross-fertilization we can actively move towards achieving your common goals," the Dean of the Social Department said.

Following the welcoming speeches the departments’ deans answered the students’ questions pertaining to the organization of the educational process, mechanisms for support of promising projects and examples of projects executed by the participants of the Presidential Academy Summer Campus.

The opening ceremony of the Autumn Campus took place at the Academy’s Moscow Campus, after which the participants and experts went to the RANEPA’s Krasnogorsk Branch where the first events of the platform’s educational program took place.

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