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Yarin Kimor

General Director, Think Outside the Box

Yarin Kimor graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He obtained his degree in anthropology and international relations.

He also graduated from the journalism course at the World Press Institute in Minnesota, the USA.

He graduated from the course of the higher reserve list, numerous courses on creative thinking, including courses on de Bono's thinking, Russian Altschuler system, Israeli system SIT and the course on the use of games for sending messages (the best in the world).

Yarin Kimor currently holds the post of General Director of Think Outside the Box, a company creating games, books and other guidance for development of creative thinking skills. He is a world-class lector and holds workshops and trainings.

Over 15 years he has delivered more than 2000 lectures, Among his clients are such companies, as Microsoft, IBM, INTEL, HP, top officers personnel of the Israel Defense Forces, heads of financial, medical and public organizations in Israel and abroad as well as universities of Israel, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Yarin Kimor delivered over 2000 lectures, courses and trainings on creative thinking and presentation skills at various organizations, for example at Weizmann Institute, Bloomberg financial center at Singapore and major organizations in Holland, Turkey, Cuba and Israel.

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