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Vyacheslav Voronov

Head, Consulting and Professional Services Department, Global TechInnovations

At present, Vyacheslav Voronov heads Consulting and Professional Services Department at Global TechInnovations.

In his professional work, Vyacheslav Voronov successfully combines practical activities in innovative business, management of the innovative entrepreneurship infrastructure and excellent theoretical training.

In 2009-2010, Vyacheslav Voronv created and managed regional Microfinance Fund and regional Business Incubator, prepared proposals on administrative support of entrepreneurship at the level of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation (Kurgan Region).

Mr. Voronov participated in organization and holding of the entrepreneurship training for initiative citizens in all districts of the region (over 600 people), held at the request of the regional government and based on the unique program, increasing the number of successful businesses created with the state support.

Since 2005, Vyacheslav Voronov worked in the sphere of investments, management consulting, marketing of innovations and business training. A regional business school was founded under his guidance.

As business consultant, Vyacheslav Voronov headed the projects for such companies as OJSC Petroleum Company Rosneft, OJSC Uralsvyazinform, кetail Chain Kupets.

Under his guidance, comprehensive research of economics regional branches was performed on commission from the regional governments.

Within the framework of investment activity, over 10 start-up projects have been implemented. Strategic plans have been prepared; the search for investors has been completed, the investment agreements have been concluded.

Vyacheslav Voronov also has experience of work in heavy engineering, for a long time he has been the head the commercial directorate of the Kurgan wheeled tractor plant, producing wheeled tractors for the army and the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.

For six years, Mr. Voronov has headed the Department of Economic Modeling and Informatics of the Kurgan State University, under his supervision two theses have been written and defended.

PhD in Technical Sciences, Мaster of business administration.

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