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Elena Kasimova

Director for Strategies and Investments, Bioprocess Capital Partners

Elena graduated with honors from the Ulyanovsk State University and has two university degrees in the sphere of innovative management and linguistics.

In 2003-2005, Elena served as the leading economist of the financial management of "Ulyanovsk-GSM", the leading operator of mobile communications of the Ulyanovsk Region.  At the same time, she headed several marketing and consulting projects. Before starting her career in telecommunication companies, Elena occupied top managerial positions at the middle-sized construction company.

Elena headed several investment and M&A transactions. Under her direct supervision, over 40 corporate finance and investments projects in the sphere of telecommunications, media and information technologies.

Before joining NRG, Elena Kasimova was Director at J&P Capital (Corporate Finance and Investments Subdivision of J’son&Partners consulting company), where she participated in and headed the projects in business planning and financial modeling, assets value assessment and complex audit of the companies.

Before joining Bioprocess Capital Partners, Elena was Vice President at NRG, holding company of the direct investment fund managing assets amounting to over 200 million dollars. Her area of responsibility included assessment of the projects’ innovative attractiveness, transaction support, forming development strategy for portfolio companies.

Elena Kasimova has over 8 years of work experience at various financial positions.

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