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The future of technologies as viewed by IBM: artificial intellect, neuromorphic computers, etc.

20.07.2015 09:47

Alexey Anikin, Business Development and Strategy Leader, IBM East Europe/Asia, told Campus participants about the future of technology in the next 25 years.

Humanity has been working on artificial intellect expansion for more than a decade; for instance, human brain simulator, although operating much slower, has already been invented. "To make machine work with the same speed as a human brain, one needs the amount of energy close to the Moscow region consumption", -  Alexey Anikin astounded Campus participants. 

In the near future, computers will be able to calculate individual characteristics of a person: thoughts, words and values, that is, for example, a great impulse for personalized educational programs creation or customized marketing campaign development. 

In three years, the character recognition system is going to be updated, with its help consumer will be able to make a picture of any product and immediately receive the information about its ingredients. 

Future belongs to neuromorphic computers that consume less energy and could be integrated in any gadget: camera, phone, transducer or sensor device. 

And, finally, the era of quantum computers, that will be significantly more powerful, will come.

Apart from that, Alexey Anikin advised the students on project management, spoke about the employee selection process of large international companies and their motivation systems. For instance, to work for IBM the candidate should have several indispensable qualities: be tolerant, set and achieve goals, trust people; communication skills, stress resistance and work experience are also of great value. 

"Architect your life: the more you plan, the more successful you become", - said Mr. Anikin. 

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