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Value Orientation of Europe in XXI Century from Björn Stenvers

20.07.2015 10:05

Culture and values were discussed at RANEPA Summer Campus on Day 6. Björn Stenvers, Marketing Director, the Foundation of the Museums of Amsterdam & Amsterdam Heritage, came as expert to this youth forum. 

Mr. Stenvers spoke about global values in contemporary Europe and their development in the near future. The expert thinks cultural sites will develop further in interaction with commercial organizations, and this connection should be very strong and future-oriented for museums, in particular. 

Popularizing culture, more effective coordination and financing are extremely important. Björn Stenvers demonstrated images and schemes of the museums of the future, as well as what they will look like and which infrastructure they will have. 

Apart from that, the expert dwelled on brands and culture, emphasizing that it is necessary not only to coordinate the work of museums, but also to develop various brands in this sphere. The demand for culture will grow, considers Björn Stenvers. 

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