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Successful Speech Secrets – Masterclass from Sam Potolicchio at the RANEPA Summer Campus

27.07.2018 10:32

Sam Potolicchio, professor at RANEPA, founder and President of Preparing Global Leaders Foundation, delivered a lecture for RANEPA Summer Campus participants. It is for the sixth time already that the expert took part in the project successfully.

Sam Potolicchio’s lectures are always very popular with the participants. This time, the expert told about the secrets of a successful and memorable speech and on how to influence the audience.

Before the masterclass, the participants defended the projects they had worked on during the Campus in front of the jury. Sam Potolicchio was in the jury and made frequent references to defense of the work in his speech, which served as a good illustration to the theory. His lectures and masterclasses always become a small show: the expert dilutes the theory with stories from his personal experience or from lives of famous people. So, live communication with participants takes place.

According to the speaker, the following will help make your presentation efficient and memorable: a speaker’s preparation, logical construction of the speech and emotions (jokes, live stories, etc.). "When you influence your audience through emotions, you win their trust and sympathies instantly,” the guest told the audience. “But you should never forget that you should be competent in your subject and use reliable facts only."

Sam Potolicchio showed video commercials with famous personalities (Barack Obama, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton) to participants, in different situations: they sang, answered awkward questions from the audience, gave interviews. Together with the participants, the expert analyzed their motions, behavior, and gestures. For example, when Bill Clinton answered a question from the audience, he concentrated on the person who asked it only. Visual contact is a tool of public speeches.

"A good speaker is always charismatic and should be interested: to study, work and get trained in speeches a lot," drew Sam Potolicchio the audience’s attention. “A good speaker always has its own special features in his or her speeches: it is details and trifling things that distinguish.”

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