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RANEPA Summer Campus: the future is already here

26.07.2018 12:28

On the 10th day of the RANEPA Summer Campus, Kirill Ignatiev, Chairman of the Board of Directors “Russian Investments” Group of Companies, delivered a lecture. He talked about the latest technologies and how the world and the person could look in the future.

The expert shared future trends and tendencies. Kirill Ignatiev and his colleagues - investors and managers in similar companies - are engaged in modern and breakthrough topics: production of composite materials, industrial design, IT technologies and non-commercial projects. They are engaged in such areas as the development and creation of the Bugatti Vernon, the Volgabus unmanned bus, the electric bike that can autonomously drive 80 km, the new generation of Buran snowmobiles, drones, telescopes, lunar rovers, exoskeletons (robotic suits, from prosthesis to full enclosed spacesuit), newest medical tables, equipment for  Robycam filming, various virtual reality glasses, etc.

Currently, the economy is increasingly specialized in niche products for specific communities, it is in them that ideas and products are moving forward - this is the simplest, cheapest and effective way. Kirill Ignatiev and his team create a new quality, which saves both time and money of consumers. The lecturer noted the importance of constantly developing technologies, making new and original additions, simplifying in use and creating competitive products on a global scale. This approach helps to design the future not only in business but in social and cultural projects.

Kirill Ignatiev said that in the future all our gadgets would work as augmented reality - it's a bigger brand than virtual reality. There will be tactile technologies, and all memory will be stored in the cloud (Cloud), which exists already now. The development of a quantum computer with huge memory and the ability to process large data sets is important for creating artificial intelligence. Especially the Campus participants were impressed by the prospect of creating the Eyezon program, which can give access to the sight of another person. The students discussed the impact of changing the world on a person, and a possible crisis that only companies in the future economy would survive successfully.

Participant of the RANEPA Summer Campus Alexei Samilo shared his impressions about the meeting: "I am very impressed that the lecture touched on the topic that my team and I presented our final project and was disclosed by the professional in the field of futurology. We all - the future leaders - need to have an understanding of where the world is heading. From this meeting we kept practical knowledge too and it gives us a market advantage. I think the Campus should have more blocks and general education programs dedicated to futurology and everything related to the future."

The organizers of RANEPA Summer Campus include RANEPA, the Government of Tatarstan, and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia, with the support of ACIG Group of Companies.

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