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Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct within the territory of RANEPA International Summer Campus

1. General provisions.

1.1. All participants of RANEPA International Summer Campus (hereinafter referred to as the Campus) – members of the delegations – should be aware of the rules and regulations of the Campus and observe the Rules of conduct within the territory of RANEPA International Summer Campus (hereinafter referred to as the Rules).

1.2. The Organizing Committee groups the participants of the Campus. Each group has its tutor and moderator.

1.3. The participants should obey all instructions and directions of the group tutors and moderators and the Campus Directorate.

2. Living on the territory of RANEPA Summer Campus

2.1. The participants are prohibited to:

2.2. The participants are obliged to:

2.3. The Campus participants are not allowed to:

2.4. The Campus participants are entitled to:

2.5. The Campus guests who have coordinated a program of their stay at the Campus with the Campus Administration should be aware of the Rules. Moving around the Campus area is permitted only with badge issued by the Administration.

3. Safety measures and participants’ responsibilities:

3.1. During learning sessions and events participants should observe all safety measures and tutors’ and moderators’ instructions.

3.2. Using the outdoor and indoor swimming pools is allowed only at the time, specified by the Organizers, and under lifeguard supervision.

3.3. The participants should obey road regulations when using public roads.

3.4. In case of emergency, the Campus participants should do what they can to help the person in need, notify the Campus Administration about the accident immediately.

3.5. The participants and organizers of the Campus are financially liable for the damage caused to the equipment and outfit or its loss, as well as the damage caused to the buildings, natural and architectural landmarks within the territory of the Campus.

3.6. The participants and guests of the Campus who have violated these Rules will be excluded from the list of participants and guests. These persons will be transferred to Kazan by the Organizers and then will have to get to the places of their residence by themselves at their own expense. The Campus Directorate and the Organizing Committee are authorized to make the decision on cases when these sanctions come in effect in each individual case.

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