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Project defenses at Campus: triumph of friendship and fantasy

27.07.2016 23:24

On July 26, the second to last day of Summer Campus, the participants presented their final projects, which they worked on throughout the previous ten days. The teams at to choose at least two from four proposed cases, propose a viable solution for them and present them in a bright, original format.

The majority of teams picked the case on the problem of immigration and spread of weapons had the most pressing issues. On this day, the public could watch the scene of fully eclectic ideas: for an effective defense of the projects, the students used elements of theater, animation, dance. The bright visuals did not impede the deep development of the cases, on the contrary: it facilitated this, therefore the was put in complex conditions.

After interactive voting by the attendees, the winner of Summer Campus was team No. 10, who used animation as their main artistic approach. At the very start, the team showed an unusually mixed video, which evoked a storm of emotions in the audience.

Team member, Timur Khusnutdinov, a student from Kazan Federal University, said: “On the day before this Sam Potolicchio gave a talk at Campus, and he spoke about how to win audiences over, it is necessary to first make them laugh. We decided to use his advice, as was seen in our case, this method works.”

Work was also evaluated by the jury, which was comprised of Campus organizers and a number of experts who had spoken at the forum. For the first time in the history of Campus, the expert jury was fully in line with the opinion of the audience. After long disagreements and fluctuations, it was decided to give the grand prize to two winners: team No. 10 and team No. 3, who successfully resolved the case on the shale oil production and its impact on the environment. The prize remained unchanged from last year: the participants received a 20% discount for studying at RANEPA’s masters’ program.

The director of the group of tutors and moderators for Summer Campus 2016, dean of the liberal arts department at RANEPA’s School of Public Policy Yevgeny Mironov said that making the decision was very difficult, because all the teams dealt with the cases at a very worthy level: “The students reached a very serious level of conversation, when you take the responsibility of several risks upon yourself, it is not simply finding the correct answer. The majority of participants this year seized this position, this way of thinking about the world, which sets the serious manager apart, distinguishes the manger from simply a good student.   

Anna Lipina, the tutor from team No.3, explained the success of her team with the following: “We had a quite international composition, so all of the tasks the students worked on were based on the cultural background. The cases were very replete and multilateral, the depth of research was very clear.”

Other teams received special prizes from Coca-Cola: team No. 12 won the bronze cup, team No. 9  won silver, and team No. 3 received first place. Despite the fact that everyone secretly dreamed of victory, in the end friendship won out over competition: the participants congratulated each other and were extremely happy for their fellow Campus participants’ victory. On the last evening, the audience received a gift: the friendly appearance of students from Nigeria who did a fiery performance of their national dance. The Israeli participants did not miss out: on their dance team they took on all who wished to join, and the small local group was immediately enriched by presence of representatives of other countries. Here was the unique spirit of Summer Campus: the ability to instantly include, soak up the experience, share, be charged with energy – now these experiences will forever remain in the memory of the participants.
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