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Davron Mukhamadiyev on getting out of crisis situations

27.07.2016 22:20

Head of the Moscow regional representative office of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Davron Mukhamadiyev gave a talk at RANEPA’s Summer Campus.

During his speech to the Summer Campus participants, the expert talked about the humanitarian consequences of crises and emergency situations, and also opportunities for help during large disasters. A crisis situation is a huge event, which is out of the ordinary and is very dangerous for those involved in the situation, it creates a sense of insecurity, fear and terror. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Society protects people who end up in such situations.

Davron Mukhamadiyev spoke about the classifications for emergency situations, which are divided into natural and man-made. Social incidents include violence, conflict, terrorism, migration, violating border integrity, poverty, drug dependence. For the victims, ordinary life is ruined, the person loses everything. “People do not know what to do. An accident situation is when there is a large sudden misfortune and a horrible catastrophe, which harms many,” the expert said. Usually in such situations the poor suffer the most because they are the most vulnerable.

“Here immediate action is necessary. But who should help people?” the speaker asked the students. For this, special international organizations were created, which have the relevant resources and authority to do so. The organizations should be impartial. The safety of personnel and volunteers is important. Among the challenges of the modern world are the increase in the number of natural disasters, climate change, the rise of poverty, refugee movements, migration, violence and others. The Fourth Geneva Convention regulates the actions of countries during conflicts.

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