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Yaroslav Orlov on sources of creativity

27.07.2016 10:00

The topic of creativity and moving away from stereotypical thinking was repeatedly covered at Summer Campus 2016. Yaroslav Orlov, the creative director of the Instinct advertising agency and More agency, spoke to the Campus participants about what is behind the word “creativity” and whether there are still creative professions.

Absolutely any person can develop the skills for creative thinking, Yaroslav Orlov said. For this only the wish to do so is necessary, most of all the constant thirst to learn something new. It is possible to discover a new world around oneself every day, and it is not even a requirement to travel of use any other external stimuli. It is possible to surprise oneself constantly, Yaroslav Orlov said. “I love to use the term ‘to land on your own moon’, that is, the source of new discoveries can be your internal world and observations.”

Another important sign of creativity is the ability create ties between unexpected things, in places where it seems like there are no correlations and could never be. This is the most difficult thing, but this skill can be developed. The creative person is the one who always has questions, who thinks “but what if” and “why not”. In addition, this person never gets tired of playing, they are in the process of full immersion in the game, they change roles with ease, juggling understandings and in such a way they learn.

For those who pick advertising as their career path, Yaroslav Orlov gave an important piece of advice, always stay sincere. “Never lie,” he said. “Otherwise your message will not reach the consumer. Advertisements should not demand money from people, they should make them happy.”

Yaroslav Orlov spoke at Summer Campus twice, the second lecture was dedicated to the features of local advertising companies for international brands. Why is it that brilliant work for IKEA, which worked with success in Switzerland or Britain, will never work in Russia? Campus students learned about which advertising approaches were developed by the Instinct agency especially for IKEA Russia, about how they managed to get through to the audience’s heart and get its trust, and, most importantly keep it for 16 years.

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