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Bjorn Stenvers gives value guideposts for the 21st century

26.07.2016 17:31

Bjorn Stenvers, the director for marketing the Amsterdam History Museum and the Geelvinck-Hinlopen Museum, told Summer Campus participants about progress of value guideposts for this century. The ideas evoked a lively response from the students, the professionals of the future.

RANEPA’s Summer Campus youth forum is aimed creating a new generation of intellectuals and leaders with forward thinking. The main theme of the project is “Ideas. Values. Knowledge.” Attending classes with the world’s best professors, the participants re-evaluated their priorities in life and thought about the sources of values. Bjorn Stenvers during his lecture touched upon such issues and shared ideas about the correct motivation in a profession.

During the lecture the expert spoke about his own professional path. He said that earlier he worked in the commercial sector. “I was forced to leave the business sector, because my goal was to help people,” the expert said. Working with libraries, museums and promoting cities, Mr. Stenvers achieved great success. He managed to completely change the relationship between Amsterdam’s residents and libraries and make those libraries more popular. Then he did similar work with museums. Bjorn Stenvers called attention to the significance of human capital and team work, emphasizing that: “Earlier I only earned money for myself, and now I can make others happy.”

During the lecture the issue of increasing the attractiveness of cities was considered separately. “Overpopulation, an increase in tourist flows and museum visitors, this is what awaits cities. Namely therefore timely changes are so important,” the speaker said. Cities should be hospitable in all senses, and museums are an important element of city branding. “I am implementing the ideas and valuing human capital. When we work together, then an excellent result is found,” Bjorn Stenvers said. The audience gave the expert a standing ovation.

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