Sam Potolicchio

Professor, RANEPA; Founder and President, Preparing Global Leaders Foundation

Samuel Potolicchio has won numerous teaching awards at Georgetown University. He is also the Chair in Global Leadership Studies at the Russian Presidential Academy.

He taught students from almost 140 different countries during summer courses.

Mr. Potolicchio is a founder, president and academic director of the Preparing Global Leaders Summit in Moscow, Russia at the Russian Presidential Academy, Preparing Global Leaders Institute in Macedonia and Preparing Global Leaders Academy in Amman, Jordan.

He is a founding faculty member of programs in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. He also advises top political officials, business leaders and governments in more than 20 countries.

He is also the academic director for Georgetown’s Global Visiting Student Program.

Within the framework of the “Semester in Washington” educational program he reads a course of lectures on American politology, public administration and research methods of Georgetown University.

He currently reads a course on American policy for Japanese and Chinese high-ranked government officials and entrepreneurs at the Georgetown Institute of Global Education.

Mr. Potolicchio was named by the Princeton Review as one of the “Best Professors in America” in 2012, the only one chosen from his field.

In 2011 he won the K. Patricia Cross Award from the American Association of Colleges and Universities as one of the future leaders of American higher education.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard.