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Selection rules and criteria

Selection rules and criteria

Criteria for participation:

  • 2-5th year bachelor or specialist students (full-time course of study) of the Presidential Academy and universities of the Republic of Tatarstan majoring in: management, marketing, economics, public and municipal management, commerce, finance and credit, taxes and taxation, international management, international relations.
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English or higher;
  • No record of participation in the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy;
  • Educational and leadership courses background is highly welcomed.

Selection criteria

The following criteria are foreseen at the questionnaire stage:

  • creativity: ability to abandon stereotypes, openness to innovations;
  • organizational skills: ability to organize people and work in a team;
  • analytical skills: ability to search for information, analyze and systematize it according to the task set;
  • achievements: motivation, results orientation (experience in research, projects, participation/victories in contests and academic competitions etc.);
  • professional attitude: ability to form and substantiate a professional point of view.

Checking and assessing participants’ questionnaires

A comprehensive approach is applied to the check of the candidates’ questionnaires. Following the results of the questionnaires assessment, the experts fill in assessment forms. At least two experts check each questionnaire.

The candidate’s total score is calculated based on the result of the assessment of each competence by several experts. The amount of these average assessments makes up the final score of the candidate which will influence his or her place in the general rating.

Skype interview and assessment of candidates

  • A skype interview is aimed at assessing whether the participants’ personal qualities conform with the mission and goals of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.
  • The interview will be held in a real-time mode, a webcam is a must.
  • The interview with each candidate will last about 10 minutes including connection/disconnection and audio and video tuning.
  • The interviews will be held in compliance with the fixed schedule. The participants will be informed about this schedule in their Personal Web Office.
  • The results of the skype interview will be assessed based on a nine-point grading scale.

 Test for knowledge of English and assessment of candidates

  • The candidates will be tested in a telephone conversation by a qualified teacher.
  • There won’t be any preliminary time arrangements for the interview with the candidate.
  • The test will last up to 7 minutes including call completion.
  • The results of the test will be assessed based on a ten-point grading scale.

Summing up the interview results

Following the interview, the Contest Committee will make a list of candidates who have successfully passed the selection procedure and are invited to the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.

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