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RANEPA Summer Campus: Sixth Day Concludes

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26.07.2014 14:58

RANEPA Summer Campus: Sixth Day Concludes

On July 26, during the second-to-last day of the international educational forum “Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy” the workshops regarding new media, multisource education and universities of the future were held. The leading experts, including the President of the AMBA International Sir Paul Judge, addressed the students of the Campus.

Ivan Zassoursky, Managing Editor of the Chastniy Korrespondent portal discussed the new media and technologies for social revolution with the participants of the Campus. The speaker raised the question of whether there is a future for LiveJournal and what to expect for social media. He also reminded that the existing social media use a very simple mechanism. The Internet emerged in 1995, then there were browsers, email, LiveJournal and ICQ (that did not, however, last long). “These were the first generation social media”, Ivan Zassoursky noted.

It often happens that even the projects with a big audience do not have a long lifecycle. The expert thinks that, “LiveJournal has a future as a center for user activity.” The problem is that people are looking either for a company or an opponent to debate with. The speed at which communication is happening on the Internet separates it from reality. For users it is important whether their worldview coincides with that of other people.

The Internet, currently being a collective conscience, has a potential to become a collective mind. The question is what needs to be done and what is missing. “On the Internet we do not have any access to knowledge and cultural values,” Ivan Zassoursky stated. The expert thinks that such system could rely on training process.

Albert Gilmutdinov, Rector of the A.N. Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University, presented the report called “Leadership for young: wings for life”. In his opinion, before taking on any matter it is important to understand that this is exactly the thing you have to accomplish and be willing to do it. “Work has to bring you pleasure, problems will only toughen your character,” the expert said to the students. “It is at the moments of struggle that you realize you are capable of so much more.” Albert Gilmutdinov also thinks that public speaking skill is of a great significance. “You have to be convincing when speaking and get people to trust you if you want to achieve a desired effect. There has to be a particular pre-established model.” “A lot depends on self-suggestion and ambition, it is important to have an open mind,” the speaker summarized.

The RANEPA Professor Carol Leonard held an interactive class for the participants of the Campus, within the framework of the previously declared topic: “Universities, regions and the world by 2100”. The audience discussed economic indicators and the ways universities can assist the development of regions: by providing personnel, research, knowledge bases and other components. Such cities as Kazan, Samara and St. Petersburg were viewed as examples.

The concept of multisource education and the “Metagames” topic were presented during the lectures of Mikhail Kozharinov, Director General of the “Soling” Educational Bureau Director of the “Briz” Social and Pedagogical Complex and “Perspective” Private School. At the beginning of the lecture the speaker underlined that education is going through some big changes that may cause either degradation or breakthrough. These changes take a lot of time and may be unnoticed by many. The expert specified that projecting particular trends into the future is unacceptable, considering how their combined influence leads to a totally different qualitative transformation.

The “multisource education” term appeared recently, it originates from the “additional education” notion, which presupposes getting information from multiple sources. Pre-school education changed drastically in the last few years, it became mobile. School education accentuates thinking development, while modern pupils are ready for a new format of knowledge reception. “The Bologna education system that enables a student to study disciplines of his choice at various universities gained a lot of acceptance in the West, which means a lot for personality development,” Mikhail Kozharinov noted.

It is important to distinguish between education and training that, in its turn, incorporated into education. The goal of education system is to form the type of personality that will be successful in the modern society. The education model that formed a passive type of personality, which only acted on instruction, had been established in Russia since soviet Times. Models, however, tend to get obsolete and today there is a demand for initiative employees that are capable of making decisions. “A multisource education will be quite helpful in this situation. We are facing the necessity to change our education system dramatically,” Mikhail Kozharinov underlined. “However, it is important to avoid degradation while overcoming this barrier.” “Education system used to be based on knowledge, skills and expertise (KSE), now there is a necessity to make decisions, to be dynamic and competent (which implies obtaining new knowledge through practice),” the expert said. Besides, among the new required components of education there are thinking, resource provision and values. The-so called “training simulation games” were created as the gamification approach was introduced.

Sir Paul Judge, President of the AMBA International, addressed the students with a speech about himself and ways of being successful in life. “A person should be intellectual, educated, well-organized and set specific goals. There are risks that need to be prevented. One has to be self-critical and take one’s affairs seriously. It is absolutely vital to respect someone else’s decision, develop entrepreneurship sense and be able to keep distance,” Sir Paul Judge shared with the students.

The day also became a final one in the series of the “Play School” workshops by the famous actor and stage director Vadim Demchog. The sequence of classes was held for students during three days. 

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