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International educational forum “Summer Campus 2014” concludes

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29.07.2014 14:56

International educational forum “Summer Campus 2014” concludes

The third international forum “Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy” devoted to education of the future concluded on July 27. The best “University 2040” project was determined.

The closing ceremony was visited by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Klimov and the Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov. After each of the six teams presented their projects the experts gave their opinion on the results of the work performed by the participants. The Vice Rector of the RANEPA Ivan Fedotov noted that choosing the best project was difficult. “You have done quite a job and you have done it well,” he addressed the students.

Aleksandr Klimov agreed with the teams on many aspects and suggested them to further consider the possibility of creating a project headlined “Ministry of Education and Science 2040”. “The main thing is getting drive and pleasure through all the process of education,” the Deputy Minister underlined. The expert thinks that distance learning will become a thing of the past, while formal university structures will be replaced by live academic environment that will provide uninterrupted training process. Thinking (knowledge plus skills), sensations and will are to become the basis for education of the future.

“I am amazed at your brilliant performance. Today you have demonstrated how to properly make use of your drive and energy. I wish you to preserve this desire for studying even after the conclusion of the Campus,” the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the ACIG Group of Companies Victor Tolmachev stated during his speech.

Dmitry Fedorischev, Director of the Summer Campus, commented on peculiarities of every project, noted how attentive the students are to technologies of the future and their practical application, mentioned how important it is to choose your own path in studying and how good it is that the age criterion was of no importance at the Campus. “We believe that these initiatives will have further development. Thank you!” Dmitry Fedorischev summarized.

Then there was a grand award ceremony for the winners. Ildar Khalikov underlined the unique experience of communicating with the experts of the Forum, who are all very successful people. “Everybody envies you as you are the intellectual future of the country that in its turn grants you this opportunity to create,” Prime Minister addressed the students. He wished the participants not to forget the intellectual and emotional experience acquired at the Campus, not to lose their new friends. “Save it all within your hearts and minds. Let’s hope that Summer Campus will become a stepping stone on the way to achieving your goals.”

According to the results of the voting, the team called “Univerpolis” that prepared a “University 2040” project became a winner in the “Best Project” nomination. The students paid special attention to the issues of healthcare, usage of optical technologies and available energy sources. At the university of the future, according to the authors of the project, all the students, professors, experts and tutors will cooperate. There will be a Medical Council, which will pursue the health of youth as their goal. Business will become an important investor in education. The university of the future will exist in a form of united education city.

The Rector of the RANEPA Vladimir Mau awarded every participant of the winning team with a special prize, a discount for entering any master’s program in the RANEPA. The team that suggested to differentiate between the main and professional education level as well as individual educational student trajectories was awarded in the “Most Creative Team” nomination. Within the framework of the colorful presentation such topics as energy, demography and artificial intelligence were addressed.

The Campus participants, who won in separate nominations, were also awarded. Aleksandr Klimov congratulated everyone on the Forum being successfully conducted. “I think that what happens today fully corresponds to the education model of 2040, there are positive energy, cooperation and globalism,” the Deputy Minister underlined. In his opinion, it is necessary to keep education alive and developing.

The team that thoroughly examined the practical training sphere was awarded for their detailed elaboration of the project. The head of the Summer Campus tutor team Sergei Mironov noted, that speaking of future is always stressful. “I want to thank you for making this dream come true. We saw everything we wanted to see in your today’s presentations,” he addressed the students. He also reminded that according to the voting results the gap between the teams accounted for just a few votes, so all the project participants can consider themselves winners.

Among the aspects of the university of the future the students particularly singled out globalization, perpetual progress and access to information. There are a huge set of skills, knowledge and possibilities for self-expression that are considered important. The students mentioned practice, scientific aspect, intelligence, virtual reality and targeted search for hidden talent. Transmitted information has to be sorted out, teachers have to mobile and education has to comprise both basic and additional courses.

250 students from 21 regions of Russia and foreign educational institutions divided in six teams to take part in the project. The organizers of the Summer Campus are: the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Republic of Tatarstan and the ACIG Group of Companies.

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