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Day of Health, Erudition and Excellent Recreation

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27.07.2013 20:57

Day of Health, Erudition and Excellent Recreation

The second international educational forum "Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy" is coming to its end. Day 10 of the Forum was dedicated to the implementation of intellectual and creative abilities as well as popularization of healthy way of life among the participants.

Apart from the trainings, the Summer Campus program included table tennis and billiards contests and chess tournament. The sports and cultural activity gave the participants an opportunity to relax and build up their strength before the final defence of the projects.

The Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy is a territory of the future leaders’ comprehensive development and enhances forming the skills of strategic thinking, planning and teamwork, increase in physical and intellectual workability as well as successful self-fulfilment of the participants both within the specialization field and related industries.

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