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Day 8 of the Summer Campus: discussion of the globalization factors

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25.07.2013 22:23

Day 8 of the Summer Campus: discussion of the globalization factors

The students visited a number of events which were thematically determined by the pressing issues of the modern age in the conditions of globalization.

On July 25, the lecture of Robin Lewis, Professor at the RANEPA, dedicated to the key globalization factors influencing Russia’s future, took place. He remarked that Russia as well as other BRICS countries plays a role of a new economic power (NEP). Robin Lewis believes that strengthening worldwide cooperation affects directly not only political processes, but also educational processes, migration flows, development of innovations, formation of international voluntary organizations. Robin Lewis said, "There is no ideal society in the world, but our civilization strives towards realistic utopia – the environment where all material and spiritual needs of people are realized." He stressed the importance of globalization of higher education institutions and emphasized that future specialists are to be able to cover the situation in general and not just solve only highly specialized problems. The speaker also noted that openness of the educational programs for citizens of other countries ensures infusion of new ideas and human capital development. According to the opinion of Robin Lewis, 20% of US bachelors are emigrants, and among the specialists with Ph.D. degree, foreigners amount to 47%. The expert commented, "Nowadays, global education intentionally tries to overcome the fixed frames."

Robin Lewis also dwelled upon the School of Global Public Policy. It is a joint project of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Master of Global Public Policy (MGPP). The first training course within the framework of the program launches in September 2014, the lessons will be conducted by the professors of the RANEPA and leading foreign universities in English language.

After the lecture, the students posed the expert a number of questions on the restructuring of the European Union and change in the rules on the border-crossing rules, employment guarantees after completion of the School of Global Public Policy program, inclusion of the Russian universities in the world top-100 list, acceleration of the pace of the technologies’ development.

The lecture of Sergei Myasoedov, Vice Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Director of the Institute for Business and Public Administration of the RANEPA, was dedicated to the cross-cultural communications in the global world. He told the participants about the key rules of intercultural interaction, illustrating the stated with the facts from his own experience. The expert also drew examples of typical mistakes made by the Russians during international communications, including the use of complex sentences and verbs in speech, critic and rejection of foreign traditions.

"Russia is a country of strong context. Judging by the address, you can determine the person’s rank in society. In our national culture, fixation of status is the same both during work and vacations," Sergei Myasoedov said. The expert also remarked that that the culture of each nation is an established system of value navigators and behavioural stereotypes used in the society and adopted by a person. "The society programs a person’s system of values on three levels: family, education and work," he emphasized.

The Summer Campus participants asked about the expert’s experience of business interaction abroad, influence of the mentality on making of managerial decisions, development of legal culture of Russian citizens, and received recommendations on up-to-date literature within the framework of the topic. Commenting on the prospects of legal society in Russia, Sergei Myasoedov remarked that complete reprogramming of the public consciousness will be possible in two generations. In the follow-up of the meeting, Sergei Myasoedov wished the participants to show respect in communications with representatives of other cultures, learn foreign languages and establish friendly contacts abroad and bear in mind specifics of various cultures.

On July 25, the meeting of the Summer Campus participants with Timur Kamaletdinov, Member of the Coordination Council of Russian Search Movement from Volga Federal District, took place. The central topic of the discussion was patriotism in Russia and experience of search works. In his speech, Timur Kamaletdinov, gave a definition of the notion "patriotism" drawing the attention on the readiness to subject personal needs to the interests of the state. The expert believes that a fashion on the patriotism is forming in Russia, but the majority lack understanding of its true fundamental features.

Thus, the necessity to develop the sphere of patriotic upraising is becoming one of the key directions for both federal and regional authorities. Due to high social significance of this task, it is important to initiate and implement consecutive well thought-out policy of patriotic upbringing in the form of the project and propaganda work. The expert said, "Nowadays, the demand for creation of specialized projects stimulating the interest to patriotism is very high. It is a promising area for young people as nowadays, there is a lack of specialists ready to develop qualitative socially oriented projects."

One of the effective tools for popularization and development of patriotism in our country is organization of military patriotic societies and search movements which facilitate gaining practical experience by the young people and qualitative reconstructing of national historical knowledge. "Our country’s history is very tragic but great at the same time. As a part of the search movement, the participants start looking differently at the historical facts as they now know the price of the victory in the Second World War and realize how great the deed performed by our grandparents is," Timur Kamaletdinov stressed.

Within the framework of the lecture, the expert answered a number of thematic questions regarding influence of search activity on the increase of patriotic awareness, principles of patriotism in Russia, geography of search teams’ work, prospects of economic patriotism development in Russia and many others.


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