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Aleksandr Utkin, General Director of Cotton Way, conducts master class on the 2nd day of the Summer Campus

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19.07.2013 20:58

Aleksandr Utkin, General Director of Cotton Way, conducts master class on the 2nd day of the Summer Campus

On July 19, the students of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship were present at the lecture of the expert businessman Aleksandr Utkin, dedicated to the mechanisms of building an effective business project and personal growth trajectory.

The expert defined the purpose of the meeting as a transfer of the unique practical experience in implementing and doing business. Aleksandr Utkin remarked, "An entrepreneur is a soul condition of a person which is capable of thinking ahead and taking responsibility for persons, assets, implementation of his own ideas and having organizing skills". Apart from that, an ability to work with administrative resources building constructive relationship with all branches of state authorities is extremely important for conducting business, according to the speaker’s opinion.

In the course of the talk with the participants, Aleksandr Utkin shared his professional knowledge in the sphere of implementing outstaffing and outsourcing mechanisms for company organization, told about peculiarities of entrepreneurial climate in Russia and fundamental success criteria of the industry he works in, gave examples of promising industrial segments of business development. The expert also emphasized the importance of introducing innovations, using new technological solutions and transforming western experience for the long-term development of the company.

Speaking about the history of Cotton Way, Aleksandr Utkin told about the regional "fate" of the project in details. Thus, the first branch of the company for rendering services in the sphere of leasing and professional treatment of textile goods was established in the Republic of Tatarstan. The lecturer believes that it was the ability of the administration to "think decades ahead" and pro-activity of the leader of this constituent entity of the Russian Federation that founded the basis for further effective conducting of business. Aleksandr Utkin remarked that serious attention of the government of the Republic to the education issues is a long-term trend. The speaker commented on the subject, "The most advanced managerial team from the point of view of communication with business is at work here. Tatarstan is a personnel reserve for the federal authorities. Ability of the head of the region to inspire the partners using team methods facilitating professional growth leads to successful results."

The second part of Aleksandr Utkin’s lecture was in the questions/answers format. The future entrepreneurs were interesting in interactions between business community and the state, go-to-market methods of small and medium enterprises in conditions of  competition with large corporations, Cotton Way history, future plans for company promotion, etc. Aleksandr Utkin expressed an opinion that "We are looking forward towards coming of large western companies’ strong strategic players to the Russian market, It’ll help us to keep up. We must orient on the development and not on the profit maximization."

In conclusion of the meeting, Aleksandr Utkin with the Summer Campus participants "to live to the full, stop thinking about money and start thinking about the great things."

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