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Professor at Georgetown University gives a lecture to the Summer Campus participants

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19.07.2013 22:42

Professor at Georgetown University gives a lecture to the Summer Campus participants

On July 19, Samuel Potolicchio, Professor at Georgetown University with an experience of teaching students from 140 different countries, conducted a series of master classes. The expert gave a lecture for all the Campus participants and later talked to the students in more interactive format within the framework of the departmental groups.

In his expert report, Samuel Potolicchio told about the fundamentals of effective leadership and gave examples of active public communication. He stressed, "We must be able to solve a large number of variables at the same time."

Speaking about the key characteristics of a leader, the foreign expert dwelled upon the importance of using empirical data and statistics which give an opportunity to draw more accurate conclusions.  According to Samuel Potolicchio, leadership implies making strategic decisions oriented on not only your own interests but the team interests as well. The speaker said, "The real leader tries to improve the life of other people, boosts their self-confidence." As the main criterion of public speaking, he singled out the sensitivity one needs to understand the audience.

During the master class, the professor emphasized the effective leadership concepts, "It must be oriented on the needs of the others. The leader is to be a master of psychology focused on the ability to improvise, to adjust quickly to the situation and apply such instruments as humor for achieving the set goals." The participants also studied the communication techniques including non-verbal ones. For example, making an eye contact with the audience is one of the prerequisites for public activities.  The expert remarked that 55% of public presentation is perceived visually and only 7% - based on its contents.

He talked to the students using various methods, such as selective attention tests, quizzes and videos, which significantly enlivened the customary training format.  

Concluding the lecture, Samuel Potolicchio gave a piece of advice to the future leaders, "If you want to be effective communicators, you must strive for knowledge, communicate with different categories of people, read three books a week." Giving an example of additional training platform, the expert spoke about the online university on the iTunes platform, which contains a bank of lectures and information materials of the leading world universities.

Later, the expert continued the practical work within the framework of the department of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

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