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First thematic lectures take place

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18.07.2013 23:52

First thematic lectures take place

Following the Summer Campus 2013 opening ceremony, Roman Shaikhutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan delivered a lecture to the Campus participants and had a chat with them.  

According to him, Summer Campus is a platform enabling government, business and society to understand what the younger generation lives by.

He also stated the importance of feedback from the students. To this end, the Campus participants were asked to fill in the questionnaires destined to help public sector representatives make up a list of expectations and goals of today’s young specialists.

One of the central topics of his presentation was innovative capacity of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. "Innovations are what is not monetized here and now", said the speaker.

Roman Shaikhutdinov told about the Innopolis project which was launched in 2012 and indicates direction of the country’s economic development. The project represents a special economic zone, a future city in the map of Russia where advanced information technologies will be concentrated. A number of specialized companies have already voiced their will to become residents of this "IT City". The expert also expressed an idea of establishing the first IT university in the Republic of Tatarstan.  

Mr. Shaikhutdinov answered a number of questions by the Campus participants concerning development of electronic public services, platforms for support of young developers and other questions.

At the end of the conversation Roman Shaikhutdinov wished the students to develop entrepreneurial spirit and implement their ideas.

Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media of the Coca-Cola Company Ashley Brown also delivered a lecture on Day 1 of the Summer Campus. The expert told the participants about the trends of business development through social networks and mobile and internet resources.

The first block of lectures was devoted to the introduction of new models of relations with customers in media space as exemplified in the Coca-Cola Company. Ashley Brown noted that Coca-Cola for the first time had implemented a project to restructure its brand’s website into an online magazine destined to cover the interests of as many customers as possible. Reconsidering the role of the website and implementing a brand new model of addressing final consumers helped Coca-Cola achieve great results – since December 2008 the website has gained 8.5 million visitors and 7.5 thousand comments. According to the expert, today Coca-Cola is no longer only American, but already a global company, therefore, successful brand promotion requires integration in society and its system of values. Besides, Ashley Brown underlined that Coca Cola has a "No Dead Ends" philosophy which provides for regular posting about the brand, a system of cross-references and comprehensive review of messages connected with Coca-Cola.

The expert also told the participants about brand promotion on the Internet as exemplified in other companies. In particular, he pointed to the promotion model applied by Burberry focused not on covering all social media, as the Coca-Cola’s model, but on attracting people who prefer luxury. He also outlined the main features of the Starbucks loyalty program and its further integration in an iPhone application and drew attention to the Nike + program.

In conclusion, Ashley Brown turned to the companies implementing breakthrough technologies in their business: Airbnb and Zillow. He also answered the participants’ questions and wished them good luck in their future careers. 

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