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Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct in the territory of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy

1. General provisions

1.1. All participants of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy (hereinafter referred to as the Campus) – members of the delegations – shall be aware of the rules and regulations of the Campus and observe the rules of conduct in the territory of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy (hereinafter referred to as the Rules).

1.2. The Organizing Committee allocates participants of the Campus into groups. Each group has its supervisor.

1.3. All participants shall obey all instructions and directions of the group supervisors and the Campus Directorate.

2. Living in the territory of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.

2.1. The participants are prohibited to:

  • bring and keep any types of cold, fire, chemical, gas and traumatic weapons;
  • bring, keep, use and distribute drugs, toxic substances, strong medicines and any alcohol-containing drinks (including beer);
  • smoke hookah, cigars etc.;
  • infringe the code of conduct in public places;
  • use obscene words;
  • initiate conflicts, engage in them, act violently towards other participants, guests and organizers of the Campus;
  • attend Campus events in beachwear and open clothes (over knee, low neck), except for sporting events and beach activities;
  • leave the territory of the Campus without permission of the Administration and accompaniment of the group supervisor;
  • invite and receive guests who are not participants of the Campus;
  • use open fire, make fire and use open-fire devices beyond the area of their accommodation without permission of the Administration;
  • bring pets to the Campus Area.

2.2. The participants are obliged to:

  • observe safety procedures;
  • submit original copy of the medical statement 086-U issued not later than 2 weeks before the settling to the Organizing Committee;
  • be on time for all events and observe the Campus procedure;
  • carry a badge or a pass with the name on it issued by the Campus Administration;
  • attend all events held in the territory of the Campus in compliance with the program;
  • live in a certain building during the whole period of the Campus;
  • allocate duties within the groups to create appropriate living conditions (meals arrangement, household items safety);
  • follow supervisors’ instructions pertaining to the arrangement of accommodation, discipline, duties within a group and execution of the Campus program;
  • observe personal hygiene rules, keep the places of their stay clean;
  • observe personal hygiene rules, keep the places of their stay clean;
  • stay in their rooms from 00:00 till 06:30 a.m.

2.3. The Campus participants are not entitled to:

  • miss any Campus events without providing valid excuses and notifying the supervisor about their absence;
  • trespass private property adjacent to the Campus area;
  • remove equipment in the territory of the Campus;
  • smoke outside the smoking areas;
  • damage green spaces, natural and architectural landmarks in the territory of the Campus and adjacent areas;
  • make noise from 00:00 to 07:00 a.m. (speak loudly, sing, shout etc.).

2.4. The Campus participants are entitled to:

  • receive information pertaining to the Campus organization and its program;
  • receive consultations of the invited specialists;
  • use equipment and sporting facilities of the Campus power supplies;
  • receive medical assistance.

2.5. The Campus guests who have coordinated a program of their stay at the Campus with the Campus Administration shall be aware of the Rules. Moving around the Campus area is permitted only with a pass issued by the Administration (a badge).

3. Safety measures and participants’ responsibilities:

3.1. During learning sessions and events participants shall observe all safety measures and supervisors’ instructions.

3.2. The participants shall obey road regulations when using public roads.

3.3. The participants shall not leave their group during the Campus events.

3.4. In case of emergency, the Campus participants shall do what they can to help the person in need, notify the Campus Administration about the accident and take the injured person to the first-aid station by themselves or with the help of the others.

3.5. The participants and organizers of the Campus are financially liable for the damage caused to the equipment and outfit or its loss, as well as the damage caused to green spaces and buildings within the Campus area.

3.6. The participants and guests of the Campus who have violated these Rules will be excluded from the list of participants and guests. These persons will be transferred to Kazan by the Organizers and then will have to get to the places of their residence by themselves. These sanctions are in effect in case of a single breach of paragraphs 2.1, 2.2 of these Rules or three breaches of other paragraphs of the Rules.

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