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About the Campus 2014

About The Campus

Have you ever asked yourself what makes humans different from animals? Is it the fact that humans walk on two legs and can speak? Kangaroos are also bipedal and parrots are capable of speaking somehow.

However, human is the only species on the planet that can accumulate knowledge and, which is more important, share it. One of the main objectives for modern youth is to obtain the knowledge from previous generations and enrich it with their own ideas and skills.

“Education of the future” – such is the topic of the Presidential Academy Summer Campus 2014 that will traditionally take place in the Republic of Tatarstan. Students and postgraduates will work on the concept of the “University-2040”. In order to perform this challenging objective the participants will have to answer many questions. What will people need in 25 years? What goals will the society pursue and what key knowledge and skills will be in demand? The students will present their vision of education program for the university capable of providing the country of the future with professionals.

Five teams, five visions of the future, five concepts of the Alma Mater 2040, five different destinies for the future graduates. The winners will be defined by participants and experts, using the three criteria: feasibility of the proposed future, compliance of the university model with the future world and the competitive advantages of the “University 2040” graduate. The lectures and workshops by leading experts, scientists and representatives of the Russian and world business community will help students elaborate a global concept.

It is now that today’s young generation should awake to tomorrow’s realities, as the future belongs to those, who think about it today.

The Address by the Academic Advisor of the Campus, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

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