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Ski sports recreation complex “Kazan”

Since 2003, residents and guests of the Republic of Tatarstan have enjoyed the opportunity of spending holidays at one of the most modern and well-equipped ski resorts in Russia.

The ski sports recreation complex “Kazan” is a unique resort second to none in Russia, situated next to the nature conservation area of Sviyaga Nature Reserves, in the picturesque place where three rivers – the Sulitsa, the Sviyaga and the Volga - flow together, 35 km from the center of Kazan.

The complex is famous for its high-quality ski trails with different levels of difficulty, notwithstanding the freaks of nature. The special thing about the complex is that almost all its slopes are north-oriented. Taking into account the region’s climate, this means that the winter season lasts here approximately one month longer.

A spacious hotel, comfortable cottages, a health complex, numerous cafes and restaurants – all these facilities make the resort a perfect venue for various events: corporate away days, unofficial business meetings and leaders schools. Modern attractive design of the premises and open areas will increase participants’ working capacity and creative potential.

Summer Campus provides a unique chance to experience the atmosphere which combines Tatarstan’s hospitality and its dynamic innovation-based development, the Academy’s educational programs, the beauty of the Sviyaga Nature Reserve and the summer mood!

Official website of the complex “Kazan”: ski-kazan.ru

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