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The participants get acquainted with the departments’ deans on the first day of the Summer Campus

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19.07.2013 23:55

The participants get acquainted with the departments’ deans on the first day of the Summer Campus

On July 18, the official opening day of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, there was a meeting of the students and deans of the departments organized within the framework of the training platform: Public Administration and Development, Business and Entrepreneurship, Public and Social Projects. The heads of the faculties are Andrei Soroko, Director of the Government Department of Public Administration and Personnel, Ruben Vardanian, Co-Head of Sberbank CIB, Pavel Zenkovich, Head of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects. Vladimir Yablonsky, Social Projects Director of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, participated in the meeting as an expert.

Prior to answering the questions, the departments’ deans gave a welcome address to the students.

Andrei Soroko remarked that the public civil service development is one of the main tasks of the Government of the Russian Federation. According to the expert, the important criterion is openness of the management system, which is realized through active development of information technologies. In particular, Andrei Soroko drew an example of the senior executives’ federal portal, which enables open expression of the intent to conduct business in state structures. Dwelling on the partnership with other sectors, the Dean of the Department
of Public Administration and Development remarked, "Business is an adequate response to the needs of the state which can be realized by the general public."

In his opening statement for the Summer Campus participants, Ruben Vardanyan, head of the business sphere of the training program, named three fundamental elements of effective development: trust radius, planning horizon and choice of freedom in the changing global conditions. Dean of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship also stressed the importance of studying several languages as one of the prerequisite for global integration and competitiveness. Ruben Vardanian emphasized, "Try to understand that nothing is impossible. You need to take up a pro-active position and plan your exact role for a long-term period." The expert also told the students about success criteria, behavioral models and motivation methods for achieving the set goals.

Greeting the campus participants, Vladimir Yablonsky remarked that from 50 up to 70% of the budgets of most Russian regions are concentrated in the social sphere. The expert emphasized the topicality of conducting social activity and exemplified it by the work of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, where a lot of good projects can be implemented without use of the filter of a large number of authorities. So, over 200 socially oriented projects have already been replicated in 70 regions of the country. However, the speaker added that "quite often, the things achieved in one region can be applied all over the country." The speaker named creating Centre for Innovations in Social Sphere, where initiative young people apply for further development of their projects, one of the most effective tools for supporting the young specialists. Vladimir Yablonsky also dwelled upon the support of youth start-ups, including those functioning by means of mechanisms of the newest internet technologies, i.e. social networks, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, etc.

Within the framework of the meeting, the honorary guests of the Summer Campus shared their personal and professional experience and answered the students’ questions. Thus, the participants were interested in the modern condition of education and health care areas, prospects of the managerial specializations in universities, policy of regional equalization, significance of the scientific base when constructing political career, successful business mechanisms, etc.

To complete the meeting, the deans of the departments wished the participants good luck, not to be afraid to prove themselves and to be the drivers of the country’s future development.


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