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24.07.2013 15:54


The students of each department visited several events aimed at enhancement of their professional competences in this or that field.

Thus, the students from the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship attended the lecture by ACIG Group of Companies HR Director Olga Vodyanova "How to Find a Job and Yourself In It. First Steps Towards Your Professional Future".

Olga Vodyanova elaborated on the process of developing your own professional "I" brand, the stages of preparation for a job interview, technologies of making up and systemizing effective CVs, current requirements to job seekers and other basic organizational HR rules. In her presentation she addressed the issues of practical application of effective presentation skills, criteria for selection of young specialists and the key project methods used by a recruiter.

The speaker mentioned the most frequent questions recruiters ask during the interview, advised how to quickly adapt to the corporate processes, outlined the advantages young specialists have over more experienced employees and expressed her opinion on a number of issues of great interest to the students. "This topic is familiar and interesting for the student audience. It is difficult to put all information in narrow frames of a 90-minute lecture. To consolidate and master practical skills some time in the program should be set aside for business games. At this meeting Q&A sessions after each thematic bloc became a more effective and productive tool. The participants asked concrete questions, with their quality rising from year to year. Diligence, persistence, firmness and thirst for self-education are the landmarks allowing young specialists to be competitive in global conditions", Olga Vodyanova said.

Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan for Social Issues, Secretary of the Republican Council on Charity, Executive Director of the Non-commercial Organization "The Republican Foundation for Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Tatarstan", Tatyana Larionova told the participants about charitable activities and implementation of new projects in the Republic of Tatarstan. "Social issues connected with support of families and children are youth issues as well. Certainly, a lot of young people come to us with proposals, wishes and recommendations. Volunteering is also highly developed in the region: a lot of young people come with their projects and, what is more important, manage to implement them", Tatyana Larionova said. She also noted another important aspect of social policy in the Republic – the Foundation for Restoration of Cultural Monuments which provides for students’ participation in construction and archeological units engaged in architectural reconstruction of the towns Bulgar and Sviyazhsk. "I like the attitude of today’s young people to life: they are not bystanders or consumers, they are driven by the desire to reveal their own potential, ideas and projects which they can not only draw on the paper, but also lead to their logical end", said Tatyana Larionova in conclusion.

The lecture by the President of the Regional Youth Public Organization "Student League of the Republic of Tatarstan" Timur Suleimanovwas devoted to the issues of social activities of public organizations.

The expert told about the opportunities which public associations open to students as exemplified in the Student League. At the meeting the participants learned about national and international assistance programs and student educational programs. Timur Suleimanov told about the project launched by the League – "Best High School Graduates", which provides for annual publication of a student base with a parameter search tool. The project has been developed jointly with Tatneft JSC which also supports establishment of a student employment office. "It is well said that it iss personnel that matters. Students make up the most active segment of young people, its major capital. "Student League of the Republic of Tatarstan" is the major youth organization which represents the interests of students not only from Kazan, but from the whole Republic. It has warm and friendly relations with many Russian organizations – no doubt, it means support and good dividends for our students as they can take part in international projects and programs. I think people in our team are happy to be a part of this organization which is open for everybody", the expert commented.

During the lecture participants asked questions and asked for support and solutions of different practical problems. The conversation between Timur Suleimanov and the students went on after the lecture. 

Mikhail Vinogradov, President of the St. Petersburg Policy Fund, told the Students from the Department of Public and Municipal Administration about positioning of today’s heads of municipal and federal agencies and new staff formation, as well as stereotypes, behavior mistakes and governance strategies connected with leadership at all levels. "When you decide to work at a state authority, you have much more illusions and expectations. Therefore, I would recommend deciding whether you really would like to join government service after doing an internship at the corresponding agency", he noted.

Azamat Kadyrov, First Deputy General Director of the Executive Directorate of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization 27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013, delivered a lecture "Project Approach to Implementation of Large-scale Events". The expert told about the stages of preparation for the Universiade 2013 in which 20 thousand volunteers took part. "We had an important mission – to prove that modern Russia can host large-scale multisport events in a proper manner", Azamat Kadyrov commented. He especially noted that for the first time in Russia effective project management mechanisms had been implemented, as well as standard documents system and preliminary practice of emergencies.

The students from the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship attended the lecture by the Vice Rector of the Kazan Federal University Marat Safiullin. At the meeting the speaker outlined the key stages of capitalization and the ways of bringing the Republic’s major educational institution to the global level. He noted that top priority areas of the university’s development till 2019 would be biomedicine and pharmaceutics, IT, petro chemistry and humanities. According to Marat Safiullin, new platforms for research laboratories of the Kazan Federal University and companies-developers of innovation products are going to be established as part of this program.


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