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Final lectures of the Summer Campus

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29.07.2013 13:25

Final lectures of the Summer Campus

The educational program of the Summer Campus final day included a meeting of the participants with the Advisor to the Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Roman Pyrm and the Head of Section of the Government Department for Establishment of the Open Government System Ekaterina Sokolova. The event was moderated by the Director of the Institute of Organizational Development and Strategic Initiatives of the RANEPA Vyacheslav Shoptenko. Roman Pyrma asked the students to analyze and discuss the project "Strategy for Youth Development till 2025" elaborated by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs together with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Government Department for Establishment of the Open Government System. The expert noted that the authors of the document studied profoundly the experience of the most competitive states and a dozen of emerging countries, including BRICS countries. Roman Pryma expanded on the youth policy cases of the European Union and the World Bank. Dwelling on the developed national "Strategy of Russian Youth Development till 2025" the expert devoted most of his speech to the two provisions of the document: formation of young people’s world view and development of their professional competences. Roman Pyrma underlined that implementation of the Strategy provided for effective interaction of several agencies, execution of the requirements clearly stated in the document and conformity of the results with the control indicators, with the Index of Youth Development as the key indicator.

In conclusion the expert answered several questions by the Summer Campus participants and discussed their proposals and ideas for the Strategy modernization. 

Within the framework of the educational program of the Department of Business and the Department of Social Projects a lecture by Gor Nakhapetyan, Vice-President of Sberbank JSC, took place. The expert held the interactive meeting with the participants offering them to form a list of questions laying the foundation for the lecture. Thus, the students formulated 11 topics, among them – time management, rebranding of Sberbank JSC, viral marketing and advertising, current economic system of Russia, personal qualities of the leader, outlook for development of crowd sourcing methods etc.

During the conversation Gor Nakhapetyan shared his experience in Troika Dialog and told about the history of establishment and successful development of this investment company. "When you start a business you need to outline the mission of your company", the expert underlined. He also pointed to the importance of creating favourable microclimate in business, forming trust and arranging internal communication means and information possession.

Besides, Gor Nakhapetyan gave advice how to do business effectively. According to the speaker, people should be involved and motivated to solve ambitious tasks, cooperate with stronger people, love money and thank other people more often. One of the key tasks of the modern society, according to the expert, is development of the so-called "middle office"– middle economic segment: "We need people who work as engineers, turners and actors."

Speaking about the history of Troika Dialog development, Gor Nakhapetyan told the students about the model of "three promises" which served as an incentive to the company’s further progressive development and illustrated the facts with video presentations.

The lecture by Gor Nakhapetyan closed the educational program of the second Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy.


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