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Catarina Tully, Director of FromOverHere, and Paul Davies, consultant of Ashridge Consulting, delivered lectures to the participants of the Summer Campus

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24.07.2013 19:47

Catarina Tully, Director of FromOverHere, and Paul Davies, consultant of Ashridge Consulting, delivered lectures to the participants of the Summer Campus

On July 24 a meeting with the experts in effective strategy and management policy took place. Catarina Tully and Paul Davies told the students about the ways of reacting to the comprehensive environment of global management, typical challenges to open dynamic systems in the changing conditions.

The key goals of the discussion were to review state policy processes, instruments of its development and demonstration of best practices in government relations in different countries of the world. According to Catarina Tully, an important response to the challenges of the 21 century is uniting people representing different cultures, spheres and professions in order to solve tasks more effectively. "Partnership of private, public and non-commercial sectors can guarantee countries’ sustainable development", the expert noted.

Prior to the start of the work the students were asked to follow a set of rules regulating the course of the lecture. The general lecture consisted of four lectures devoted to particular topics. The program of the meeting was arranged so that theoretical foundations could be nailed down in practice through group tasks.

The first part of the workshop focused on the issues of strategic leadership in public sector. Thus, Catarina Tully and Paul Davies outlined that strategic leadership is centered on "a clear understanding of where you are, where you want to go and how you can achieve your long-cherished goal". The experts pointed to the trend of quick decision making. However, strategic approach is essential in addressing current challenges. The fundamental principles of this mechanism are sustainability, creativity, vision and priority. Strategic thinking enables us to solve comprehensive tasks, find best development options through consideration of a huge amount of different ideas and points of view and to find required resources when they are scarce.  

The second thematic block of the meeting included mechanisms for mastering correct question formulation. The participants got acquainted with the "basic question" notion and practiced the methods of its definition when implementing a practical task. Thus, to model an ideal solution and a more precise formulation such parameters should be taken into account as "situation", "vertical growth", "desired and undesirable result".

"Very often people worry about the problems of the past. If we want to be strategy-oriented, we need to understand what current problems are going to turn into in five years", Catarina Tully emphasized. To this end, the students at the meeting learned the methods of forecasting. In particular they analyzed where changes come from, practiced PEST-analysis methods – a way of differentiating the key development drivers by segments. The expert noted that for a more precise forecast it is important to systematically voice proposals based on real data, record them and communicate with different segments of the society and carry out cross-country research. The participants of the Summer Campus discussed this topic as exemplified in energy sector modernization in Russia.

Director of FromOverHere also told about scripting. "Scripting helps elaborate a vision of better development, prioritize actions, foster creativity and facilitate sustainability. Tomorrow, in 5-10 years, our life will differ from the one we’re living today. Therefore, it is important not to solve current tasks, but to look at them in the context of the nearest 5 years", the expert commented.

Following the morning lecture Catarina Tully asked the participants to prepare 10 urgent questions for presentation and discussion in the corresponding project groups. The workshop continued after the lunch in the form of interactive advisory activities in departments.



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