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Educational program of July 19 of the Summer Campus is full of various lectures, master classes, discussions and video conversations

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19.07.2013 23:00

Educational program of July 19 of the Summer Campus is full of various lectures, master classes, discussions and video conversations

Brand Development Director of Unilever Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Bas Smit delivered his lecture in the form of a webinar. The expert told the participants about the Company’s strategy – facilitating global sustainable future. Unilever implements the policy of preserving and recovering environmental balance. "Every tenth person in the world is obese while millions of people suffer from hunger. As the result of the increasing average temperature, the World Ocean level has raised by 1.5 meters. Many regions face the problem of drinking water shortage", the expert noted adding that the Unilever’s mission is to scale up business and scale down the burden on the environment. Bas Smit also told about the programs aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing production wastes, water consumption and pointed to the importance of changing consumption habits of the population.

In his presentation he brought the company’s growth indicators: since 2008 the company’s revenues have increased by 11 billion US dollars and in 2012 they made up 51 billion US dollars. At the same time electric energy consumption over the same period has decreased by 40% and production waste has reduced twofold.

"We’re also developing partnership programs and promote distribution of sustainable business practices", the expert stated.

As part of the educational program of the Department of Public and Social Projects, Deputy Chairman of the Novosibirsk regional branch of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Russia Olga Kutsenko delivered a lecture on new models of the country’s social development.

The expert shared professional experience in government relations pertaining to support of social projects and told about the phenomenon of social business. "Social entrepreneurship is viewed today as mainstream of development of small towns and rural settlements", Olga Kutsenko noted.

According to her, today we witness active transition from social responsibility to social investments – one of the most promising development markets.

She also expressed an idea of establishing a crowd sourcing project – a single social navigator which would allow citizens to orient themselves in the quality of social institutions in Russia. "Both business and state should develop assessment criteria. The system of independent control should be established in a joint effort", - Olga Kutsenko added. She also stated that common standards should be applied to volunteering communities as well.

The expert also answered a number of students’ questions.

The educational program of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship was completed with the lecture by the Managing Partner of CityKids Natalia Isaeva.

The participants discussed the key trends of doing business in the 21st century and criteria for the company of the future. According to the expert, "today’s company meets person’s high requirements and its mission is to make our world better". "We live in the era of transcendence. It is important to choose open and transparent companies", Natalia Isaeva added.

The students took part in an active constructive discussion with the lector on the interpretation of the concept "leader" in the modern world.

The expert shared the secret of building a successful professional career. "If you do a little bit more than you are told to, you are sure to move up the career ladder", she emphasized.


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