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The Summer Campus training program launches

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18.07.2013 00:17

The Summer Campus training program launches

On July 17, within the framework of the Day 0 of the Summer Campus, a team of the trainers of the ACIG Group of Companies* conducted for the participants a series of master classes dedicated to the development of teamwork and public presentation of their projects.

During the training "Effective Presentation", the trainers told about positioning rules and ways to attract the audience’s attention.  Apart from that, they singled out a number of gestures which can be used at business meetings and presentation and gave examples of negatively perceived gestures.  In particular, the trainers recommended not to walk to and fro during the public presentation and not to have a closed posture. The students were also taught to overcome anxiety.

After the theoretical part, the participants were divided into teams, in which they presented each other their projects used the acquired skills. After work in groups, the students analyzed and discussed their presentations.

One of the trainers remarked, "Despite the limited time of the training, the participants managed to show their potential to the full. It was seen based on their activity and involvement in the process even in short tasks."

Within the framework of the training "Teamwork", the participants were divided in working groups. The students were offered to fulfill a series of game tasks oriented on strengthening interaction and cooperation techniques for achieving a unified decision. Business trainer Viktoriya Zavadski stressed, "Creating a team and achieving good cooperation are crucial for fulfilling the project. There are a lot of leaders here, and the participants need to learn to rally so that they could work efficiently in joint projects."

One of the trainers presented to the participants an effective decision-making scheme; its key stages include defining criteria and their specific gravity, evaluating each decision, summing up weighted estimates and choosing an optimal variant.

Summarizing the results of the muster class, business trainer Viktor Yurtaev remarked that a team of leaders was united at the Summer Campus. He commented, "Leadership often contradicts teamwork. The participants find it difficult to think about the interests of the others if they can present their own interests in a striking and professional way. But the students are goal-oriented and they will work effectively in a team, their experience will help them."

The participants will be able to use the knowledge acquired during trainings for developing their own projects and their subsequent presentation to the key authorities’ representatives.

Upon completion of the training problem within the framework of the Day 0 of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy, the participants were granted a unique opportunity to visit the Closing Ceremony of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan – 2013.

* ACIG Group of Company actively contributes to the Russian society development, implements initiatives oriented on sustainable development of companies and regions. In partnership with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, ACIG realizes a number of major socially significant projects; it is organizer of the Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy and the platform "Sustainable Future of Russia".

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