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General information partner

ITAR-TASS is the major Russian news agency and photo- and graphic services covering events online.

ITAR-TASS offers:

  • about 200 information products on political, economic, public, cultural and sports events in Russia and abroad.
  • continuous news stream in 6 languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Arab.
  • over 500 correspondents in Russia and abroad.

Official website: www.itar-tass.com



 Information partners

RBK daily specializes in the analysis of the situation in different sectors of the economy and leading companies based on the real and unbiased information at first hand.

RBK daily priority topics are as follows:

  • Formation of Russian business
  • Current position of the Russian business in the world system and its prospects in the future
  • The most profitable directions of business development in Russia and abroad
  • interaction between business and state, search for the most effective and mutually acceptablemethods
  • enhancement of Russian business competitiveness

Official website: www.rbcdaily.ru


Gazeta.Ru is the leading socio-political internet newspaper, covering world events and publishing not only the facts but the forecasts of future developments, analytics and the leading experts’ comments as well. Over 12 million people read Gazeta.Ruevery month.

Official website: www.gazeta.ru



SuperJob.ru portal is an absolute leader of the Russian online recruiting market.

SuperJob.ruprovides the following set of information services to employers and job-seekers:

  • publishing of the vacancies of the leading companies;
  • providing help in compiling Curriculum Vitae;
  • conducting testing of job-seekers;
  • publishing field-oriented articles;
  • information on trends at the human resources market.

Apart from that, the portal contains a list of recruiting agencies, training companies, personal mass media and announcements of personnel actions.

Official website: www.superjob.ru



Information Agency of the Tatarstan Republic "Tatar-inform" always provides credible and up-to-date news.

24 hours a day, "Tatar-inform" publishes up to 250 information messages in Russian, up to 40 original messages in Tatatr (original information not repeating the Russian version in Roman alphabet for the Tatars living in the non-CIS countries) and about 25-30 in English. In general, about 1 million agency materials are read every month.

Official website: www.tatar-inform.ru



Socio-political newspaper Tribuna provides information about events in Russia and abroad, analytical materials about politics and economy, science and education, culture and sport. It delivers exclusive interviews and press conferences with politicians, scientists, sports and cultural figures.

Official website: www.tribuna.ru



Russian publishing house "Economicheskaya Gazeta" ("Economic newspaper") is a multi-profiled holding. Its main areas of activities are publishing, consultation services, scientific and educational activities.  

The mission of the "Economicheskaya Gazeta" publishing house is to promote development and strengthening of the Russian Federation economy and legal basis, formation of partnership relations between representatives of Russian and foreign business, attraction of investments and economic development of regions through comprehensive unbiased coverage of the most pressing topics on different subject matters and presentation of valuable business information.

Official website: www.ideg.ru


Moscow Youth Parliament represents the interests of active young people, participates in the assessment of managerial decisions and supervises their implementation.

The Moscow Youth Parliament’s activities are oriented on providing support to new ideas and initiatives, transforming ideas into projects and cooperating with qualified specialists and business trainers.  

Official website: www.molparlam.ru



The "Rossiyskaya Federatsiya segodnya" ("Russian Federation Today") journal is the leading Russian public political periodical, covering the issues of state construction, authorities’ activity and state management on all levels. The periodical provides information on the state of affairs, problems and prospects of various economic branches’ development. All members of the Federation Assembly, deputies of the State Duma, Government of the Russian Federation, Administration, Business Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Government of Moscow, Russian leading commercial structures, mass media, embassies of foreign countries and power-holding structures of the Federation constituent entities personally receive the journal.

Official website: www.russia-today.ru



Strategy Journal:

  • provides exclusive up-to-date information on implementation of the "Strategy 2020";
  • discusses reforms and laws required for Russia’s sustainable future;
  • analyses federal and regional programs and projects;
  • evaluates possible options for development of science and technology influencing both businesses and society;
  • tells about solutions aimed at increasing effectiveness of the state and municipal authorities.

Official website: www.strategyjournal.ru


IA REX is a federal information agency and an international expert community. IA REX publishes materials on events in Russia and in the world. The agency covers political, business, cultural and economic news, as well as public topical issues. IA REX introduces its readers to the opinion of independent experts, their reaction to various events occurring in the world.

Official website: www.iarex.ru


All-Russian public organization "All-Russian Students Union" unites students' self-government-organizations in more than 65 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, represents rights and interests of students and students’ organizations of universities.

The "All-Russian Students Union" activity is aimed at the support of students, in particular large-scale public, political, social and educational projects which are implemented in the interests of students youth through cooperation of students’ unions and organizations, business and state.

Official website: www.rsunion.ru


365 days TV is a Russian historical channel.

The theme-based content of 365 Days TV channel consists of the historical programs, documentary cycles and movies. The program allows the TV channel to lay claim to the title of the multimedia textbook of world and Russian history.

Official website: www.365days.ru


"Planeta obrazovaniya" ("Education planet") is a unified educational portal containing:

  • news about universities, their faculties, new courses of studies and specializations;
  • information about reviews about studies abroad.

Official website: www.planetaedu.ru


Innovanews.ru is an independent internet mass medium providing news and articles on innovations and inventions based on scientific research results. The project will be interesting for different categories of visitors as it will expand their horizons of knowledge on foreign and domestic innovation-related experience.

Official website: www.innovanews.ru


Youth Information Agency (MIA) is a news resource with the most topical news about the young people’s life.

The website publishes event announcements, information about cultural, scientific and sports life, photo reports, information about contests and grants.

Official website: www.rusmia.ru


"Ekonomicheskaya politika" ("Economic Policy") Expert Channel was founded by the Gaidar Institute of Economic Policy with the support of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development and Ernst&Young company.

The purpose of the project is to create communication environment for exchange of opinions between Russian agencies, business circles and expert community on a wide range of issues of Russian economic policy. The portal is open for publication of studies, opinions and ideas of representatives of different economic theories, views and schools, professional unions, research and public organizations

Official website: www.ecpol.ru


Kazan TV companyis a TV channel broadcasting news and analytical programs.

The TV channel viewers are socially active residents valuing public context, promptness of presenting information, its credibility and truthfulness.

Official website: www.kzn.tv


MoeObrazovanie.ru internet portal is a universal information resource for pupils, high school graduates, students, their parents, teachers, principals and rectors.  

Portal content includes:

  • information about Russian universities
  • large catalogues of qualifications and professions
  • materials on admission and choice of future profession.

Official website: www.moeobrazovanie.ru


Internet portal TatCenter.ru is one of the leading business internet editions of the Republic of Tatarstan, reliable source of unbiased and checked information, operative digest of the most important events and a resource of exclusive reference information on Tatarstan.  

Official website: www.tatcenter.ru


“Nasha vlast: dela i litsa” (“Our Authorities: Deeds and Faces”) journal is a unique instrument for information exchange between the representatives of different branches and levels of public authorities, municipalities, regions, business circles. It is an important instrument of forming Russia’s civil society.

Official website: www.nashavlast.ru


“Moskovsky Komsomolets” (“Moscow Komsomolets”) is a socio-political periodical combining social and political materials, economic reviews, city news, society column and entertaining information.    

Official website: www.mk.ru


Every issue of the scientific and political journal “Gosudarstvennaya Sluzhba” (“Civil Service”) provides:

  • theory and methods of public management;
  • national interests’ protection;
  • society-controlled administration;
  • state-business relations;
  • research of systems problems of civil service;
  • testing of scientific ideas.

Official website: www.mgs.rags.ru


REGNUM News Agency is a federal information agency disseminating news from Russia and abroad from its own correspondents, affiliate agencies and partners. Today, REGNUM covers events in all Russian regions, neighbouring countries in Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia.

Official website: www.regnum.ru


“Parlamentskaya gazeta” (“Parliamentary Newspaper”) is an official publisher of federal laws, decrees, and other documents of the Federal Assembly.

This periodical provides its reader with official data on legislative process, life of representative and executive authorities, local governments in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Official website: www.pnp.ru


All-Russian Public Organization “Russian Youth Union” is on the largest non-state, non-commercial, non-political youth associations of Russia. “Russian Youth Union” implements over 20 all-Russian and 200 interregional programs supporting youth initiatives. They include educational, developing, patriotic, vocational counselling, leisure-time, cultural and sports projects.  Representatives of the “Russian Youth Union” actively work with the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, expert councils of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, advisory and consultative structures under the federal and regional authorities.

Official website: www.ruy.ru


 “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” (“Russian Newspaper”) provides the official publication of all laws, decrees, and official statements of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. Multimedia internet resource of the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” offers 24-hour coverage of news and events in Russia and abroad. Over a dozen of topic-oriented projects have been organized within the framework of the website.

Official website: www.rg.ru


The “Regiony Rossii: natsionalnye prioritety” (“Regions of Russia: National Priorities”)  journal publishes weighty opinions of outstanding politicians, prominent officials, famous politologists, economists, owners of major Russian and foreign companies, conducting their business activities on the territory of Russia. The journal is distributed in 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 6 foreign countries.

Official website: www.gosrf.ru

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