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Mikhail Vinogradov

Chairman, St. Petersburg Policy Fund

1997: Graduated from the Faculty of History of Lomonosov Moscow State University

1992 – 1993: Research Fellow, Institute of Mass Political Movements, Russian-American University. Member of the authoring team of the collected volumes "Russia: Parties, Associations, Unions, Clubs"

1993 – 1996:  Research Fellow, Russian Centre for Political Conjuncture

1996 – 1997: Expert, Analytical Department, JSCB Avtovazbank-Moscow

1997: Head, Information and Analysis Directorate, Russian Centre for Political Conjuncture. The first executive editor of the weekly series of analytical documents "Political Agenda of the Day"

1998 – 2004: Political Observer, Russian Thought (La Pensée Russe) weekly newspaper (Paris)

2001: Started his work in the Centre of Communicative Technologies PROPAGANDA as a head of the Political Consulting Department. Developed strategies of electoral campaigns and PR projects, organized round tables on political issues.  

2007 - 2008: General Director, Russian Centre for Political Conjuncture

Since 2008: Chairman, St. Petersburg Policy Fund

2007: Regularly publishes a Rating of the Governors’ Political Survival Rate jointly with the politologist Evgeny Minchenko. Actively gives comments on political situation, PR, at the conferences on political technologies. He is a permanent expert of the rating "100 leading Russian politicians". As of year-end 2011, he became the most cited person of the PR sphere.

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