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Evgenia Sergeeva

Coach, consulting psychologist

Evgenia Sergeeva graduated from the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology majoring in Engineering and the Institute of Humanitarian Education majoring in Psychology and Management Psychology.

At present, she studies at the post-graduate courses at the Social Psychology Department of the Institute of International Social and Humanitarian Relations.

2007 – 2009: consultant, coach, LLC "TSITO"; Expert, Potanin Federal Scholarship Program.

From 2009 to the present: Leading business coach, Non-Governmental Pension Fund "SberFond RESO".

Evgenia Sergeeva is extremely experienced in conducting trainings in rhetoric, art of persuasive speech as well as in developing projects oriented on evaluation of top managers, psychological consulting and coaching.

She is the author of the body therapy training based on Roth 5 Rhythms techniques, teaching programs and seminars, such as "Effective Presentation and Rhetoric", "Basics of Successful Communication", "Creative Thinking – Mind Games", "Interworking of Body and Mind".

She authored guidance manuals, a number of studies and articles on social philosophy and management psychology.

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