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Galina Voronchenkova

Director, National Institute of Modern Ideology Development

1990: graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University majoring in psychology.

2003: Graduated from the Russian Governmental Academy of Public Administration on the program "Public Administration and Information Processes Management".

1993 – 2000: worked in the sphere of PR and political PR. Participated in the elections to the Federation Council (1993), preparations and conducting of the seminars on election technologies for the Moscow Regional Duma (1998), conducting of pre-electoral diagnostics in Ukraine (1997), by-elections to the Moscow State Duma (2000).

2000 – 2006: Deputy Head, Press Service, Minstry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation

2006 – 2008: Head, Department for Monitoring of Condition and Development of Transport Industry, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

At present: Director, National Institute of Modern Ideology Development 

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