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Aleksandr Prokhorov

Associate Professor, Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Aleksandr Prokhorov graduated from the Economic Faculty of the Yaroslavl State University majoring in industrial planning and defended his PhD thesis on factory workplace management.

Since 1983 up to the present time he has worked as a lecturer for the Yaroslavl State University.

At different times, Mr. Prokhorov consulted enterprises and organizations, worked as a financial manager, HR Director for the Yaroslavl Tyre Plant and as Deputy General Director for "Verkhnevolzhskshina".

He worked as Deputy General Director in charge of Development for Yarsantekhmontazh LLC.

From 1993 to 1995 Mr. Prokhorov delivered lectures on Russian management in Denmark, Hungary and the USA.

In 1995 he did an internship on corporate management in the USA.

Aleksandr Prokhorov holds a PhD in Economics.

He has published 2 books and about 30 articles on management issues in major research and research and practice journals. His monograph "Russian Management Model" received the award "Best Books in 2002" (the award is established by the Russian State Library and the Russian Biographical Institute).

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