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Pär Larshans

Chief Sustainability Officer, Max Hamburger

Pär Larshans studied electrical engineering and economics at Gävle/Uppsala University.

Since 2008 up to the present time he has worked as a trainer for the consulting company The Human Element.

Mr. Larshans also gives lectures on behalf of the Swedish Foreign Ministry/Swedish Institute working with leaders from China, Russia and many other countries on sustainable leadership in both business and society.

Pär is a much requested speaker on topics such as leadership, inspiration, sustainability, and human rights - especially for people with disabilities. Over the past years, he has given more than a hundred speeches on sustainability issues.

Since 2012 Mr. Larshans has been a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA (IVA). He took part in an IVA project aimed at finding solutions to increase efficiency in the national energy system with 50% until year 2050.

 In 2013 the Trust Across America listed Pär as one of TOP 100 Thought Leaders global ranking.

In 2013 received the Entrepreneur of the Year award of the Swedish recruiting company Talentia.

At the present time Mr. Larshans works as Chief Sustainability Officer for Max Hamburger, a fast food network.

He is the author of an article analyzing the sustainable business model of Max Hamburger with the use of scientific methods.

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