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Paul Davies

Consultant, Ashridge Consulting

Paul Davies holds a MEng in the Special Engineering Programme (engineering design and management) from Brunel University, UK. He has been awarded Chartered Engineer status by both the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Organization Consulting from the University of Middlesex and is Level A and Level B accredited by the British Psychological Society in the use of psychometric instruments.

Mr. Davies started his career working at the tin can factories for Metal Box.

He first developed his consulting practice at McKinsey & Company, where he was an Engagement Manager in both its London and Minneapolis offices.

He developed it further as an independent consultant serving Accenture and The Carbon Trust.

Mr. Davies held the post of the Chief Operating Officer at Teach First, the leading Education and Training charity in the UK.

He was also the Chief Technical Officer of Guidestar UK, a service providing a single, easily accessible source of detailed information about every charity and voluntary organisation in England and Wales.

He run consulting programmes aimed at developing skills in relating to internal clients.

He has developed and run programmes on strategy development to develop skills in using analytical tools, run live cases to develop skills in running strategy projects and consulted to project teams to further develop their strategic practice.

Since 2005 up to the present time he has worked at Ashridge Consulting.

He is the author of learning guides on public sector, McKinsey Practice Documents and practice document and a report for a UK department.

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