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Aleksandr Utkin

General Director, Cotton Way

In 1991-1998 Aleksandr Utkin was engaged in business activities at various enterprises of the Siberian Region.

Since 1998 he has actively cooperated with the Russian Railways JSC (earlier – the Ministry of Railways) within the framework of implementation of various large-scale projects. He is the cofounder of the Trustinvest Holding.

In 2002 - 2004 he worked in motor roads construction.

From 2006 he worked as General Director of Master Cleaning LLC (lease and professional processing of textiles). Since that time he has been developing textile service in the Russian market cooperating with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, representatives of the government, Russian and foreign experts in the field of standardization and certification, as well as with foreign partners.

Since 2010 up to the present time he has held the post of General Director of Cotton Way LLC (Group of Companies).

Since 2011 he has been President of the National Association of Textile Service.

On August 6, 2012, he was appointed a member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation.

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