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Summer holiday season opens opportunities for successful and motivated young people who are ready to take part in the events facilitating their development, discuss important economic, social and business processes and initiate social and economic projects even during their vacations.

For the second year running, the best students of the Russian Presidential Academy and Tatarstan’s universities and participants of the Annual All-Russian Contest “Sustainable Future of Russia” who have successfully passed a multistage selection are going to accumulate practical skills and knowledge towards their personal development. The Summer Campus 2013 will gather more than 300 students willing to implement their ideas and develop managerial competences.

Creating a unique single space, the Campus participants from different cities and countries will become a part of a powerful intellectual youth force driving their professional and personal growth, acquire and improve practical project design and implementation skills and develop a systems strategic approach to decision making.

A unique educational format of the platform includes a series of trainings and workshops by high-profile representatives of federal and regional ministries, professors and experts of the leading global universities and specialists from major corporations.

The Campus emblem is made up of red and orange pyramids creating a single space – a “Territory of Opportunities”, where participants are making energetic gradual progress towards their goals by solving intellectual tasks on a daily basis. All participants can build their own pyramids of success, obtain new professional knowledge on their way the top of the educational Olympus and lay a foundation for their own long-term projects.

The Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy has already become a good tradition; it is a territory of enormous opportunities for the country’s next intellectual elite.



The Summer Campus envisages intensive team and individual work in 3 departments:

  1. Department of Public Administration and Development
  2. Department of Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Department of Public and Social Projects

Each department is headed by a dean – a person with solid relevant experience in managerial decision-making and strategy development in the corresponding field. In his work with the department he is assisted by a moderator – a talented young professional in this field.

The deans of the departments in 2013 are:

  1. Department of Public Administration and Development: Andrei Soroko, Director of the Government Department of Public Administration and Personnel
  2. Department of Business and Entrepreneurship: Ruben Vardanian, Co-Head of Sberbank CIB
  3. Department of Public and Social Projects: Pavel Zenkovich, Head of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects

A dean, together with a moderator, provides advice to the working groups of each department and, with the support of the Organizing Committee, selects the most promising projects to be then presented to the experts on the Campus final day. Based on the deans’ recommendations, a list of experts for each department will be made. These experts will consult the working groups on their projects.

Based on the project modeling in different aspects of the modern society, the projects of each department will have their own specific nature: thus, the Department of Public Administration and Development will develop a concept of the State Youth Policy and proposals on development of the youth talent pools system; the work of the Department of Business and Entrepreneurship will center on development of new networks of youth start-ups; the Department of Public and Social Projects will be oriented at the establishment of open incubators and promoting social entrepreneurship and volunteering.


Format of the classes

The Campus classes will be held with the use of modern educational technologies in several formats in terms of content and organization:

- Trainings

The Summer Campus opens with a series of trainings for both students – participants of the Campus – and supervisors – moderators of the student teams. These trainings are tailored to the current tasks of the Campus and held by high-qualified professional specialists in the field of coaching, effective self-presentation, team building, leadership and stress management. They are aimed at preparing participants for more effective group and intergroup relations, enhancing their stress resistance, revealing individual potential of each participant in increasing effectiveness of the team efforts and creating orientation on results. As for the trainings for moderators (supervisors), they are aimed at developing team management skills, acquiring basic knowledge in conflict management and situational leadership.

- TED Talk presentations

The experts’ presentations will focus on various aspects of social, economic and humanitarian development of the modern society, analysis of application of unique ideas in business, public administration and social projecting. The mission of these tasks is to expand professional horizon and the opportunity to apply non-trivial approaches in solving the tasks set to the participants.

- Expert support and consulting for the departments’ project work (workshops for working project groups)

During the work of the Campus, the departments are to prepare and present their project works. Their efforts should result in projects presentation to the international experts. These classes are carried out in the form of a case study of implementation of various projects and start-ups as well as active and free exchange of opinions between each department’s project groups and visiting experts assigned to this department.

- Business games

The educational module of the forum provides opportunities for implementation of the competence-based approach in education aimed at revealing creative potential and shaping professional skills of the participants.

There are two types of business games:

  • GMC – business simulations

The prototype of these business simulations is the Global management challenge – an international championship on strategy and business administration. GMC has been held since 1980 in 40 countries of the world based on an integrated computer business simulator imitating a company’s management in the context of global competition.

  • Parliamentary debate

This type of classes imitates classic parliamentary debate and is destined to develop public speaking and debating skills, background and resourcefulness by addressing important social development issues. In addition to lectures and workshops, project sessions, business games and webinars, the participants will experience special visits to industrial facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, cultural and sporting events.

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